Myanmar's most revered monk Sitagu preaches "Genocidal Buddhism"

Myanmar's "Buddhist Wahabism":

"Those humans who don't know 5 Buddhist Precepts and 3 Jewels" are animals. Killing them by the thousands is no bad karma.

- His Holiness Sitagu

He is patronized by National leaders#AungSanSuuKyi & #1 General Min Aung Hlaing.

​His Holiness Sitagu Examining the Burmese Army front line positions vis-a-vis minority armed resistance groups ​
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing with His Holiness Sitagu

Obama with His Holiness Sitagu on his historic visit to Burma, Nov 2012

Senior General Ming Aung Hlaing with the self-described Buddhist bin laden, Wirathu (Sitagu's top disciple jailed for his involvement in burning a Muslim family alive inside their home in Kyauk Hse in 2004 (?), the dictator Than Shwe's hometown, about 1 hr drive south of Mandalay


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