Twenty One Noteworthy Responses to Myanmar Genocide

1) Myanmar Military 

Let's establish an inquiry commission with former heads of intelligence and civilian Yo-Yos with foreign degrees. We'll say, "not a single shot was fired to kill a non-terrorist".

2) Aung San Suu Kyi - let's form more commissions with my famous international friends. (Enter Kofi and others like Swedish Speaker of the Parliament).

3) the revered Burmese Buddhist monks: it's not a Bad Karma to to slaughter non-Buddhists by the millions as the targets are only 1/2 humans (actually, the monks are worse than Founding Fathers of the United States. At least the White Man in American considered Africans 3/5 humans. Thank you!)

4) Bangladesh - let's sign another Repatriation Agreement.

5) Canada, UN, etc. - Let's form a Fact Finding Mission. 

6) EU. - We talked to Myanmar State Counsellor and we'll give Rohingyas more biscuits from Denmark.

7) UK. - We are the leader in calling for the Security Council Meetings, knowing full well that nothing will come out of these talk-shops where the Council is in a no-return coma.

8) USA. - We believe in corporate-driven democratic transition. Let's make sure our hoped-for proxy Suu Kyi is OK while saying that the Myanmar military in the Chinese pocket is committing "ethnic cleansing."

9) Amnesty International - We discovered 39-years old Apartheid after our meticulous field work.

10) Human Rights Watch - we agree with whatever the UN bureaucrats and political appointees say the crime is.

11) International Crisis Group - ARSA leader is Muslim. Angry Rohingyas are Muslims. Most definitely, terrorism and insurgency are in the making. 

12) Bertil Linter - I am a 30-years-veteran on Burma reporting. Make no mistake. Muslims are coming! They are adopting "human waves" like Maoists in China. Muslims, Maoists. Same difference. 

13) Myanmar Human Rights Defenders - We don't even have HR for ourselves. Who cares about Muslim illegals and their terrorist families?

14) World Food Program - stop labelling our biscuits lest Myanmar Army sells them to ARSA and accuse us of terror aiding-and-abetting. 

15) Donald Trump - Who are the Rohingyas? Are they good for Trump Inc.?

16) Russia. Whatever USA and EU say, we believe in the complete opposite. We do not believe in human rights or dignity. 

17) China. Trump Team have stirred up the troubles along Rakhine Coast Line. US Gov is behind Myanmar Genocide so that they can monkey-wrench Beijing's Long Game of turning our Little Mien brothers Bell Boys along the Myanmar part of the new Silk Road.

18) UNDP - Take $2 billions as commercial lubricant. We call this Development Assistance. What a spectacular country to exploit! for our corporate friends! (I mean a lot of human potential, great universities, a great future markets of brainless Fascists who swallow any racist shit pumped out by the Army Psychological Warfare Division with a vainglorious woman Yo-Yo for the army). 

19). Chechnyan Leader - Nuke the fucking country!

20). Legal Minds (or Mindlessness) - Let the judicial review begin when all Rohingyas are exterminated. 

21). Zarni - Give Rohingyas a country and name it the Republic of Rohingyas.


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