Project for a Rohingya Homeland.

This is Rohingyas' 1947. 

Nothing short of that will work.

#Repatriation of #Myanmar genocide survivors hasn't worked in 39 years. 

There is absolutely no sign or no reason that the recently signed Repatriation Agreement will work. 

The public in Myanmar are thoroughly brainwashed to hate and reject Rohingyas most of whom they have never met in their hate- and ignorance-soaked lives.

The military is fully Fascist - worse than the Nazis.

Our mental culture is categorically GENOCIDAL in the way we think of the enemies we can crush.

We are a kiss-up, kick-down type of pathetic people. Why don't we try taking on 1 million illegal Chinese in Upper Burma? (No, I am not a self-loathing Burmese. I am no longer Burmese inside. I don't do genocide or Fascism). 

Suu Kyi is in effect a Yo-Yo and a shield for the real APower - the military. And her time is up and her use value for democratization is no more. 

Myanmar's Buddhist Order typically is reactionary, anti-thought and deeply closed-minded. 

There is no possibility of Rohingya full citizenship, safety, restoration of basic human rights, reconciliation or reintegration at home.

No country will take over 1 million Rohingyas and rehab them.

Bangladesh is overstretched in its land-population-resource-infrastructure ratio.

Therefore, #Rohingyas do need and deserve a new country where they can rebuild their communities. 

Call it "Republic of Rohingyas". 

World need to support this Project for A Rohingya Homeland.


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