What the world does not know, or does not want to know, about Aung San Suu Kyi

In a single picture taken yesterday Suu Kyi is seen with top genocidal military leaders- including Home Affairs, Commander in Chief's deputies, Religious Affairs, etc.

One of the most troubling things about Suu Kyi is this:

Despite the fact that Aung San was no longer the soldier by the time she was born, having served as the founder of the Burma Independence Army (1942-45) for mere 3 years, Suu Kyi viewed her as the great general. Never mind that Aung San spent most of his grown-up life as a political revolutionary, from Rangoon University student agitator against the British rule about the time Hitler came to power in April 1933, to the post-WWII revolutionary politician.

The result of romaniticing her father as the great general is devastating for the opposition movement in particular and the society as a whole.

She fancied herself as a soldier, holding on to the little girl's taught memory - she hardly had any concrete memory of the martyred father, views, by her own admissions, Myanmar generals as "my father's surrogate sons", and also gleeful in the company of the military men. The way she sits, the soldier-like stiffness with which she carries herself, deeply neo-totalitarian values her deeds embody, and, most disgustingly to me, continue to espouse publicly how genuinely she loves the soldiers of Burma. All this against the backdrop of decades of documentation about the heinous crimes committed by the very soldiers of her father's Armed Forces - not just Rohingyas, but widespread in all conflict zones of Burma where the borderlands ethnic communities are ancestrally scattered.

Besides travelling to these borderlands regions for electioneering she takes no real interests in the plight of any non-Bama ethnic communities, acts baffled as to why non-Bama do NOT want to live under the Bama domination, and militaristic administrations. To my dismay, she articulated this utter lack of empathy and understanding of the root cause of "insurgencies" - the Bama militarism and internal colonialism, sitting 10 inches away from me at the panel at LSE in June 2012: "we need to find out about the root cause of Kachin rebellion". That, after exactly 52 years since the inception of the Kachin Independence Army in 1964! 

Worse still, long before she touched the Burmese politics with a long pole, by accident really in 1988, she was officially, if confidentially described in her own foster parent, Lord Gore-Booth of the British Office, as "anti-Shan", that is, racist towards the Shan minority. 

Amidst the clap upon conclusion of the public event, she described, to the chair of the LSE Panel, the Kachin as "they are not good either" - vis-a-vis the Burmese military. (She was confronted by a Kachin law student at Birkbeck Colege, U. of London over her silence regarding the Burmese military's heavy military offensives, using even the Air Force, against the Kachin communities in the conflict zone). 

And finally, my analysis is that she is exactly where she wants to be: in the company of her father's sons, who stroke her ego and manipulate her girl-hood affection for "my father's army": they call her "Big Sister" and tell her they are all in the business of national defence, and building the nation in accord with her father's vision. The reality is radically different: Aung San was a radical intellectual who believed in democratic secularism. As a Marxist, he went to China to seek Mao's assistance for Burma's armed revolt against the British rule. He accepted Fascist patronage because there was no alternative, and out of this "enemy's enemy is friend" logic. He took up arms out of necessity of the day, and gave up his military attire when there was an opportunity to return to the life of a nationalist politician. 

Stuck in her childhood romanticism of "My Father, the Great General", she is the one who sought help from Sandhurst and West Point to professionalize "my father's army", But the generals have outfoxed her: they use everything she can - and has delivered on a platter: legitimacy, normalized ties with the West, secured $$ from international financial institutions, etc. while showing absolutely no sign of cleaning up or reforming the Armed Forces or the military-controlled State. 

The generals are cold, calculating, institutionally-oriented and ruthless. 

Maybe she has found her match except that they are greater in their strategic calculations and institutional power.

This is the woman who will not have the opportunity - at 70+ - or will or potential to do the right thing , whether on the current Rohingya genocidal process or Bama-non-Bama relations. 

Indeed Suu Kyi is multiply blinded, by her own Bama racism, colonial attitude and Islamophobia and ignorance about Rohingyas, the nature of the crimes they have suffered. 

Wish she had some childhood counselling after the loss of her father back in the late 1940's. Now the Burmese public, not to mention the oppressed non-Bama, are paying the price for the follies and delusions of a single individual. 

I do not feel sad or sorry for Suu Kyi's fall from global grace. I just feel the pain that millions have suffered now under the hybrid regime of military-SuuKyi, with no light at the end of the tunnel. 
Gore Booth Letter on Suu Kyi Racism Towards Ethnic Minority Shan in Eastern Burma 1975


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