Utterly false narrative: Myanmar is responding to ARSA.

Myanmar is NOT responding to Rohingya militancy when it launched campaign of terror against all Rohingyas.

It merely uses ARSA as the welcome pretext to carry out yet another wave of genocidal killings and physical destruction of Rohingya communities.

All this started on 12 Feb 1978. It is a genocide in slow motion, with spikes of genocidal killings.

In the age of social media, what Myanmar perpetrators - both the hybrid Suu-Kyi regime and the Nazi-like racist public - have failed to appreciate is this:

the rage in the Muslim world against Myanmar aroused by the ruthless slaughter and expulsion of Rohingyas transcends the usual internal divisions and politik.

That rage, in my judgement, contains either the seed of Myanmar's destruction as we know it, or accelerates Myanmar's destruction as a multi-ethnic society.

The terror campaign against Rohingyas will expand its scope to include ALL MUSLIMS in the country.

The paranoia of Jihadist campaign will become a reality: paranoid racists would preemptively attack Muslim communities. That will in turn further enrage the world's Muslim communities.

In due course, "civilizational violence" will ensue.

Nation-states unraveling and descending into inferno is totally conceivable.

I don't think today's Myanmar leaders, including Suu Kyi, realize or appreciate the likely consequences of their murderous and racist decisions which they have made with regards to Rohingyas.


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