Racism towards Muslims versus anti-Rohingya racism

Racism towards Muslims versus anti-Rohingya racism

Anti-"kular" (of all faith) racism and anti-Rohingya racism are ideologically on the same continuum.

Rohingyas are singled out because they are Muslims, have their own pocket of land next to Bangladesh and have a strong ethnic identity vis-a-vis the rest of the Muslim communities.

As early as 1966, the Burmese military marked them out for extermination: were they Buddhists they would be seen as "integrate-able". the issue is not illegal migration: the issue is the military did not and does not want a concentrated MUSLIM population next to Bangladesh. The first strategic scheme to dilute and modify the Muslim character of N. Rakhine was launched in 1966: Buddhists were brought to predominantly Rohingya region of N. Arakan or Rakhine for settlements.

The mistake many Muslims make is to think that Rohingyas are a special case from which they must distance themselves from.

Buddhism-based ethno-racism cuts across all ethnic issues. It is the poison that the military manufactures, based on the past historical incidents and prejudices.

Consequently, it is destroying the fabric of the society; we squander human resources because the generals are incapable of foresight and intellectual thought or humanistic ideals.

ex-General Khin Nyunt said it secretly, in his lecture to the National Defence College class in 1991 or 92 - to the second line military leaders that Burma military's goal was to double the country's population to 100 million, because of demographic pressure. from the neighbours.

One million Rohingas could be our great human resources, contributing to that military's national strategy of population increase.

The rakhine and Rohingyas are in many way interdependent in the economic lives of both communities.

But the military does NOT want Rohingyas because they are MUSLIMS.

Buddhist Rakhine come in illegally from Bangladesh; they are welcome.

Right under the nose of military intelligence services, Han Chinese came in from Yunnan by the thousands and can hardly speak a word of Burmese; they all have residency or citizenship papers.

A new group of Han chinese in Shan state was granted a new "Myanmar" ethnicity status by the military - by the thousands.

So the Rohingya issue encapsulates genocidal/religion-based racism, nationalist myopia, the military leaderships lack of brain and heart.

Thanks to these military geniuses, the country is going down in history as another Nazi-like country.

The society is so soaked in hatred, fear and racism.

The country is now magnet for international terrorism,

The spillover from this blatant genocidal expulsion and violence against Rohingya will have regiona - and even - global consequences.

Democratisation is dead. Human rights is still-born. Suu Kyi is destroyed internationally, starting with her own Oxford college removing her painting into the storage.

Buddhists are behaving like card-carrying members of Hitler's party.

The majority Buddhist public will remain in the military's bondage.

Rakhines are now known around the world as mean-spirited, inhumane genocidal racists while they are now dependent on the real racial oppressor - the Burmese military.

The ultra-racist Myanmar Tatmadaw leaders - and cronies who will profit from grabbed land and resources - are winners, in the short and immediate terms.

But in the long run, these stupid and racist military leaders have put the country on the irreversible course of self-destruction, internally (fear-soaked life, further religious and racial tensions and violence) and globally (regional wars, terrorism).

Great job, Generals! Carry on. Speed up Myanmar's destruction. The faster the better.


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