Myanmar to Humanitarian Groups: THOU SHALL NOT FEED THE MUSLIMS - without Gov knowledge & monitor

THOU SHALL NOT FEED THE MUSLIMS - without approval from NLD-Gov (and police). 

All food supplies to Muslims in Meikhtila and Ramadan month food donations must be distributed - ONLY UNDER THE MONITORING MECHANISMS AND WITH THE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of local authorities

Mandalay Division - run by the ex-political prisoner Dr Zaw Myint Maung - issued an order which was in turn passed on by Meikhtila Township Administration.

Here is the local relay directive released by Meikhtila Township Office, dated 24 June 2017. quoting 22 June-directive issued by the Mandalay Division Chief Minister's Office, issued to all townships.

(Meikhtila is the infamous site of Muslim Massacres in March 2013 - during which estimated 500 Muslims of all ages and sexes were killed in broad day light, under the eyes of Myanmar police, and other security units. The estimation was done by local activists who witnessed the pre-mediated slaughter and took stock of the deaths).

ZARNI's REMARK: Dr Zaw Myint Maung is a highly respected former political prisoner who spent close to 20 years in prison under previous military governments, An MP elect from 1990 election. He was reelected in 2015 elections which propelled NLD into a gov with Suu Kyi as the de facto head of state. He is from a very well-educated liberal family in our city of Mandalay. Parents were professors at the medical school there. He is married to the oldest daughter of my grade school friend, a cardiologist who settled in London. The good people are compelled to adopt or conform with irrational, racist policies of Burma which have become the building blocks of social control - a divide and rule.


my VERBATIM (word for word) translation: 

DATE: 24 June 2017 


- All Ward-level Chief Administrators 
- Hta Mun Kan (Lake) Village Tract/Group Chief Administrator 
- Meikhtila Township 

Subject: The matter on which this order needs to be implemented 

REFERENCE: Official Letter Number 1 / 2 – 1 / 2 Oo 6 (1784), dated 22 June 2017, Issued by Mandalay Division Central Administration, Mandalay 

1. Regarding the matter that involves the planned donations, during the month of Ramadan, of of rice, cooking oil, beans, red onions, etc. to those Muslims who reside in Chan Aye Tha Ya Ward, Nan Daw Gun Quarter, Meikhtia, by the two French nationals named Mr. Walkoaik Jeam Noel Philippe and Mrs. Faconi Anne Valerie, the staffers with the London/UK-based Humanitarian organization in its branch office located at Dagon, Yangon Prome Road, No. 73/ A 1 Ma, Mandalay Division Central Administration, Mandalay has issued the following order: “that every donation must be reported to the township authorities and that the act of distributions must be carried out only under the supervision of the township authorities.” 

2. Therefore, all (sub-township level) local administrations are hereby ordered to report to and seek prior permit from the township level authorities - in every case involving distribution of donations in kind such as consumer goods as well as other items. Further, it is ordered that the local authorities make themselves well-informed about and comply with the Para 1 (Mandalay Divisional Order) and acknowledge the receipt of this order. 

U Thet Naing 
Head of Meikhtila Township Administration (Deputy Director) 

CC: District Chief Administrator, Meikhitla 
Head of Township Level Police Force, Meikhtila 
Outgoing/Incoming Files 
Office Files


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