Myanmar's Anti-Rohingya Propaganda vs Historical Facts

Racism is typically based on racist myths. Racists have no use for facts and truths.


Myanmar's institutionalized genocidal view of Rohingya identity which the military propagates, which NLD leaders, from Aung San Suu Kyi and ex-General Tin Oo, share is this:

Today's Rohingya arrived in Western Burmese colony of Rakhine AFTER 1824, the year of the First Anglo-Burmese War. They arrived in the freshly annexed British territory - called Rakhine when the new conquerer decided to start commercial rice industry along the narrow coastline of their newly acquired territory. 

The Land of Arakanese changed hands, from the backward Burmese colonizer based in the central Dry Zone capital of Ava to the superior British colonizer based in Calcutta on the East Coast of British India. 


Rooinga, the historical root word on which Rohingya ethnic identity comes to rest, predates the British Annexation of a Burmese colony (AD1785- AD1824), named Rakhine or Arakan. 

Here is the irrefutable historical evidence of highest quality primary source. Michael Charney at the School of Oriental and African Studies stated categorically that "no good historian can reject this evidence."

But of course, racism is typically based not on facts, but on racist myths.


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