Genocides have no winners

Genocides are what students of politics call 'path-dependent'. 

Once a genocidal process is set in motion it is hard to recall. 

Genocide starts with a small group of racists, with multiple motives and multiple strategic aims, out of a genocidal plan. 

Then genocidal ideas and worldviews are promoted in society. 

Soon these ideas begin to fill the air in society at large: the people breath them actively. 

They cannot get enough of it, in due course. 

Once genocidal view reaches the level of essential social Oxygen the perpetrating society has lost its ability to be awaken from the national nightmare. 

Typically genocidal peoples de-humanize their target group (s). 

In the process, the perpetrating people destroy their own collective humanity. 

Alongside the destruction of the victim group(s), the perpetrating dominant groups (and those who chose to NOT lift their fingers even when they become aware of Evil engulfing their society at large) set in motion the process of self-destruction. 

Even among those who are pained by their knowledge of their own society's genocide learn to develop indifference or feel constrained to publicly display their empathy with Rohingya victims. 

All genocides end in tears and destroy humanness in all involved in it, as perpetrators, on-lookers, whitewashers, collaborators, and victims." 


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