De-UN-izing the Pavlovian Minds

Photo from the Yalta Conference: Winston S. Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin

Imagine the Security Council as a place where a small pack of big dogs growl at each other - over a piece of rotten meat, scent of a bitch on heat, a turf to urinate on, etc. You get the drift here. 

Contrary to the Pavlovian views and sentiments about what we have been taught to call "world powers", these beastly creatures are NOT moral agents that promote human well-being. 

We need to question, challenge and discard the conventional wisdom that makes us cry for their help in promoting human well-being and human rights. 

How could powers that have had hand in virtually all conflicts that have re-engulfed the world post-WWII? After all, they happen - how coincidental!! - to be the world's biggest merchants of death, that supply, at hefty costs or with strings attached, their weapons to their preferred parties in wars and conflicts the world over. 

Rather these creatures typically behave more like hungry hounds (DOGS) who guard their territories jealously, often showing paranoia that some other dogs might snatch a piece of rotten meat, come to deficate or urinate on their marked turfs. 

If you have not looked at the world's most powerful body you should. 

All the official discourses of world peace, human rights, sovereignty, etc. are utterly devoid of meaning and substance. 

The respective turfs of these hungry, beastly creatures reflects the tacit colonial arrangement of geopolitical projections called "spheres of influence". 

As my friend Denis Halliday, who resigned from his Assistant Sec-General position in protest of the second invasion of Iraq, pointed out correctly, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin weren't exactly nice men. 

FDR's racist, paranoid, economically jealous policies led to the internment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans many of whom were successful farmers during the WWII. 

Winston Churchill, really a bastard colonialist who branded anyone who demanded freedom from the yoke of British Empire. 

Joseph Stalin - this Georgian man's crimes were too numerous to list, on a par with Hitler really. Heard of gulags? 

Everything flows from this extremely dodgy beginning with racist & murderous minds. 

Forget the empty rhetoric of humanism. 

Have the courage to confront the failed and failing realities of this institution created as a new colonial arrangement. 

We do not live in a rule-based, moral world where progress is about taking care of fellow humans and human communities. We live in yet another colonial world order that is cancerously depraved, greed-driven and delusions-dictated. 

The world's people have been trained like Pavlovian creatures to play along with the imperialist powers. 

Dodgy imperialist powers and humanism don't exist in a single space. 


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