Trump's Muslim Ban enboldens Myanmar Racists: Suu Kyi's Sole Muslim Adviser Shot Dead Upon Return from Jakarta

"Muslim Insurgency",NOT a game changer, but this political killing is. 

Myanmar Generals don't like inter-communal peace & reconciliation.

Shooting U Ko Ni dead in the head at a high profile place like Yangon Airport, upon arrival from the official visit to Jakarta to go and study peaceful, interfaith life in Indonesia, was, in my view, to make the point that Muslims assuming advisory positions to NLD and ASSK would cost life. 

Additionally, it is meant to further inflame religious bigotry as the news of the killing is widely reported and shared on Burmese language social media. 

This is a calculated political move, not simply a homicide. 

Donald Trump's official anti-Muslim policies and Muslim refugee ban may have emboldened and inspired this very first anti-Muslim political assassination in Myanmar. 

Here is Ko Ni's organizational efforts/background: 

A gun man pictured here shot dead Ko Ni (holding a child) at point blank range at Yangon International Airport, 29 Jan 2017.


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