Dismembering Democracies, Fracturing Societies

Tatmadaw or Bama Military, Rohingyas were officially recognized as an ethnic group as late as 1977.

Deniers of genocide

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (John VIII-XXXII.)

A new phenomenon is emerging, which will trigger, or more speed up, the process of great unravelling of the World Order put together post-WWII.

It's called the war on facts - not simply subjective truths.

Remember Brexiters' promise of "350+ million pounds per week for NHS"? That was a blatant butchering of fact, an un-reality or a categorical falsehood. That was what shaped the public opinion in Britain and that was how Brexiters butchered Great Britain.

Obviously, the intentionally deceptive British leaders have gotten away with the crime, worse than a homicide - dismembering a good nation from a larger entity, namely EU.

Now a similar process is being pursued - by none other than the freshly minted President Trump and his men (and women).

As this piece in the Scientific American put it, "democracy in America" itself is under siege - from the fact-slayers.

I am all too familiar with this process. The Burmese military has been at it since 1978, insofar as facts about the people whom we officially embraced as our own ETHNIC MINORITY, not just a political label opportunistically hoisted, as falsely argued by philistines like Jacque Leider, the Sorbonne-trained former diplomat from the government that runs a tax haven (read, enablers of cheaters and liars with $$ Luxemborg.

When a political elite class, military or civilian, butchers empirical truths about the entire ethnic community called Rohingyas - and when Aung San Suu Kyi and her populist NLD have joined in this carnival of fact-slaying the country itself is being destroyed.

No society can be built, let alone thrive on outright lies and dead facts.

Pol Pot and his Brothers tried to re-set history to Year Zero. Hitler de-germanized the Germany Jewry, despite centuries of their attachment, presence, contributions to and love for the country. The rest is history as they say.

Scientists are among the most non-partisan class of citizens. When they are outraged - and fearful - to the point of calling for Scientists' March then it is very obvious that things have gone too far.

One reason I stand up not just simply for the Rohingyas, the immediate target of my own country's destruction , but for the truths I KNOW to be factual, is precisely because I know the attack on truth is the attack on the ethical foundation of a good society, a good people.

In this, I may be a lone voice, even a mad voice at that. I am not going to go down in history as part of this historical trend of Truth-Killers.

It's better to die truthfully than occupy office that rests on lies - and corpses.

Why covet such power when I know I am an embryonic corpse myself?

The War on Facts Is a War on Democracy

In a time when facts don’t matter, and science is being muzzled, American democracy is the real victim

By Jonathan Foley on January 25, 2017


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