Myanmar Leaders and Cronies Behind Anti-Muslim Genocide: Testimony, 9 Nov 2016

Statement on Myanmar Leaders' Plot to Bomb Shwedagon to create anti-Muslim violence on Eid Mubarak Day in 2013.

The Burmese military intelligence used the Karen National Liberation Army captain to hatch this bombing plot and the crony named Soe Myint Aung (aka Kyaw Lwin) was involved.

Here is a 4-page letter released by jailed dissident Ko Htin Kyaw, detailing the incitement by Myanmar Generals and Cronies, including the then President Thein Sein, the then home Minister Lt-General Ko Ko, General Mya Tun Oo (head of Military Intelligence and Min Aung Hlaing's right hand).

It was Nov 2016.

Ko Htin Kyaw also spoke to the media on 9 Nov 2016 when he and his fellow jailed activists were brought before the Kyauk Ta Tar Township Court for hearing.

Watch Ko Htin Kyaw's press conference at the Kyauk Ta Tar Township Court on 9 Nov 2016.

The detailed activists want the ICC to haul the Burmese leaders to the Hague and try them for the crimes against humanity.

I have long pointed out that the immediate triggers for the anti-Rohingya mass violence in 2012 were manufactured straight out of Thein Sein's office: the tale of Buddhist Rakhine woman raped by 3 Rohingya or the premediated attacks on 10 Mulim pilgrims.

The well-known comedian and dissident Zarganar interviewed the medical examiner who performed the post mortem on the alleged rape victim in May 2012, and the doctor , on camera, emphatically told Zarganar (himself a medical/dental professional), that there was absolutely no evidence that the victim was raped before she was murdered. But the doctor said he was forced by the military authorities in Rakhine to assign the prefabricated medical report which claimed otherwise. I interviewed Zarganar on the phone at least 4 times in 2012 and saw him face to face in London in 2013. Zarganar was one of the most prominent members of the Thein Sein's Presidential Rakhine Inquiry Commission.

And yet ex-Major Zaw Htay, the then spokesperson for President Thein Sein and the current spokesperson for Aung San Suu Kyi, circulated the rape story and the picture of the murder victim Rakhine woman named Ma Thida Htwe (aged 28) on 28 May 2012. The official Burmese government newspapers - then run by ex-Colonel Ye Htut (a son of an ex-police chief and a brigadier) - repeated the same rape story and blamed the 3 Muslims for the sexual violence.

There is a pattern of Myanmar military intelligence and leaders - including ex-general Khin Nyunt, ex-general Shwe Mann (a close Suu Kyi ally) centrally involved in framing the Muslims in general and Rohingya in particular as a 'threat to Myanmar's national security and existence'.

From the Burmese government, the military leaders, the Rakhine citizens, ultra-nationalist "monks" and Rakhine parties are today celebrating Donald Trump's victory in Sittwe, Mandalay, Rangoon, etc.


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