Myanmar Military and Its 12-point Value Set

Myanmar Military and Its 12-point Value Set

Not unlike all other human relations and interactions, peace negotiations have a value component.

The following components that form a cohesive and institutionalized value foundation makes it inconceivable for any lasting peace in Myanmar.

Let's have a brutally honest look at Myanmar Military's institutionalized values - as opposed to rhetorical ones.

1) feudalistic Patron-Client value (adopt a boss, and adopt a loyalist)

2) Kiss-up, kick-down (feudal value)

3) Shut up and share your spoil across the hierarchy (theft and loot)

4) Total Obedience (shut up, listen and follow the orders, right or wrong)

5) Un-adulterated and delutional Patriotism

6) Bama-, Myanmar-,Burmese- or Burman-centric Historical View

7) Cancer-like Internally Colonial Mindset (of the 3rd rate quality and capabilities vis-a-vis world class colonialist mindset of Anglo-American strain)

8) Twofold Racism (inferioity complex towards the White world, and the superiority complex towards people of dark skin as well as the non-Bama "children of the sons")

9) Islamophobia

10) Mysogenistic male chauvinism

11) Nepotism

12) Anti-Human Rights


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