Ex-General Khin Nyunt's Version of anti-Rohingya Operations (from 1978 on)

Myanmar military leaders have waged a war against the "Muslims of Rakhine" or Rohingya based on the deliberate un-truths, not unlike the Cold War's Arms Race which was waged by USA, on the knowingly FALSE information, according to Colonel & Dr Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon, the Snowden of 1960's.

Here, Ex-General and Founder of Na Sa Ka Khin Nyunt tells his version of Nagamin of King Dragon Operations (racially and religiously-targeted campaign immigration check operation of Feb 1978) and Hamsa or Hintha Operations (Receiving back the repatriated Rohingya). 

1) Ex-intelligence chief who served in the front line of Western Burma as Regiment Commander (Lt-Colonel) from Jan 1978 to 1981 was instrumental in Naga Min Operation (launched in the second week of February of 1978), under the command of Western Command Commander Brigadier Min Gaung who later became Home Minister. 

(Min Gaung's original name was Than Maung and was a hanger-on at my grandfather's travelling casino business in Eastern Mandalay in the 1950's. I learned about Min Gaung's background direct from my late grandfather). 

2) Khin Nyunt talked about 'fleeing Muslims from Rakhine' into Bangladesh - never the other way around. 

In his 1993 "top secret" lecture, which initially appeared on the Internet and later reprinted in the compiled interviews with Myat Khaing in 2014, he described one major source of tensions between Bangladesh and Burma as "fleeing Muslims from Rakhine".

Noteworthy is this: this characterization - "fleeing Muslims from Rakhine" - was repeated by Khin Nyunt in his biography published in 2016.

3) Khin Nyunt described the agreement between Burma and Bangladesh to take back those Muslims who fled to Bangladesh as a result of Naga Min Operation. The repatriated "Muslims from Rakhine" were received under the banner of Hin Tha ( Burmese traditional mythical bird operation). But he did not give any explantion as to why Ne Win's military government - then known as Burma Socialist Programme Party Gov. had to take all the Muslims back - over 200,000. - with UNHCR oversight and involvement in the summer of 1978. 

Besides he stated that 11 reception camps were opened to receive, return and resettle the returnees, that they were all carefully scrutinized in terms of their country of origin, and that the small number who came along, from Bangladesh, with the returning Muslims from Rakhine were sent back to their country.

4) Finally, he offered an explanation as to the growth of the population of the Muslims in Rakhine as the direct result of the intermingling between those who lived on Bangladesh side and those who live in Northern Arakan state of Western Burma. 

He argued that because many a Muslim in Northern Rakhine - overwhelmingly Rohingya special administration district - do not speak Burmese or Rakhine, but only "Bengali", they must all be from Bangladesh, not from Burma!

(Zarni's comment: there are Kachins, Karens, Karenni, Shan, Wa, etc. who have very little contact with the dominant Bama, from cradle to grave, and they hardly speak Burmese. Internationally, there are Chinese diasporas where it is not uncommon to find Chinese who do not speak a word of English, living in places like Brighton, UK or San Francisco, USA. For their communities are large and their social interactions confined to among themselves. In the Rohingya situation where for nearly 2 generations, the Rohingya are forced to exist, in effect, in an enforced apartheid it would be impossible to find many linguistically integrated Rohingya. Besides Rohingya and Bengali languages have similarities, but are NOT the same - the same way Rakhine and Bama languages share similar features and words, but are more than sufficiently different. 

Using the lack of Bama or Rakhine language command among the segregated Rohingya - or Muslims from Rakhine, as Khin Nyunt refers to them - as a key indicator or marker of 'foreignness' 'immigrants' is empirically and analytically false.

But the country has been fed a fabricated lie that there have been a constant flow of "Bengali" - there are east Bengali now named "Bangladeshi" - and west Bengali - with its center in Kolkata, named "Indians". They share a common language, but two different national identities and political consciousnesses. 

As long as Myanmar's top civilian and military leaders - including Aung San Suu Kyi today - are intellectually and psychologically unable to overcome their deep personal racist views towards Muslims and particularly the Rohingya there can be no peaceful and/or internal Myanmar solution to the Rohingya persecution - now widely considered a slow genocide and crime against humanity, internationally.


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