Watch Research Conference on Burma's Rohingya Genocide at Oxford

Proceedings of the Oxford Conference on the Rohingya Conference Host's Welcome by Professor Barbara Harriss-White


Arakan or Rakhine in Myanmar since the 14th Century: From Inclusion to Polarisation and Exclusion by Professor Michael W Charney, SOAS

Matthew Smith on Myanmar's International Crimes in Rakhine State

"Why the world must listen to the Rohingya", keynote address by Gayatri C. Spivak

Q and A between Gayatri Spivak and Tomas Ojea Quintana

The Slow Genocide of the Rohingya by Amartya Sen

Only the world can end the Rohingya genocide by Dr Azeem Ibrahim

Myanmar's Genocide of the Rohingya: Research Findings by Penny Green & Thomas MacManus

What have happened to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (since 1978)?

Professor Shapan Adnan, Associate, Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme, Oxford University & Former Associate Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS) & Professor, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Myanmar’s Denial of Public Health Services to the Rohingya by Dr Ambia Perveen

Q & A on Myanmar Rohingya Genocide with Prof. Penny Green, Dr Thomas MacManus and Maung Zarni

Why do Myanmar Buddhists kill? by Maung Zarni

Perspective from ASEAN Region and Malaysia by Azril Mohd Amin

Indonesia's Perspective on the Rohingya Genocide by Adnan Armas 

Oxford Rohingya Conference Closing Panel - introduced by Mark Farmaner


Professors Penny Green & Daniel Feierstein in dialogue with Tomas Ojea Quintana 

Q & A on the Public Health Situation of the Rohingya in Myanmar

"Public Health Situation of the Rohingya: Findings from a Harvard Study" by Dr S. Saad Mahmood, MD, Lecturer, Harvard University

What needs to be done to end Myanmar's Rohingya genocide by Ro Tun Khin


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