Are we human enough to say 'No!' to Myanmar's Rohingya Genocide?

Are we human enough to stand up for the Rohingya? 

I am Zarni, a Buddhist, Bama born and raised in Mandalay by a large extended family with lots of Tatmadaw soldiers. 

I am nothing special, nor do I feel superior morally to any other Burmese. 

But I am human enough to say "No!" to my country's genocide, while most of my fellow Burmese keep their mouths shut. 

I would qualify for the nation's honour: 

Burmese traitor to the Union of the Republic of Myanmar. 

My country - Myanmar - which calls itself "Buddhist" has been committing a slow genocide against the Rohingya since Feb 1978. 

Genocide begins, and ends, with the intentional destruction of a group's identity. 

It is state-organized and systematically executed. 

Millions of Burmese support this genocide and participate in it psychologically (at the mental level) at least while a smaller number join the organized violence and other genocidal acts against the Rohingya. 

But I say "Not in my name." 

If you are human enough you too would stand up and say "No!" - loudly and unequivocally - to Myanmar's slow genocide of the Rohingya, the only ethnic group that is not waging an armed struggle, asking for a separate state, or arguing to be added to the official fiction: "135 ethnic national races".


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