The Lady and the Boat Rides

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with the notorious Rakhine racist leader Aye Maung, Yangon, Myanmar, February 2013.

The Lady and the Boat Rides

Brother, be kind, she is in a bind.

Nazi Aye Maung has gagged her from ever mentioning "the word Rohingya from your mouth" unless she is prepared to loose Rakhine support in Arakan.

Against her presidential ambitions,
Myanmar generals have unleashed Ma-Ba-Tha's racism as Religion

(Ma Ba Tha, i.e., Association for the Protection of Myanmar Race and Buddhist Religion).

Experts say the Silence of the Lady is owing to the election maths
Her soul isn't really dead, yet.

Brother, you need to learn that pragmatism is the name of Myanmar's game.
Idealism and principles are bad for your ambitions.
So, it's not fair you accuse her of being morally lame.

You are right.
She is no longer in an electoral bind
Yes, her party won the landslide.
But the time is not ripe for her to get the Rohingya genocide right.

Let the Nobel Lady repeat Myanmar's Sovereign Lie:
"We want the world to know there is no ethnic cleansing in our country of Myanmar."
Just as the old Germans feared the Jews - 0.76 percent of the Third Reich -
We the Myanmar Buddhists too fear the Muslims today.

That makes it alright, right?

But, don't you worry.
She is the Mother of the Nation.

Mother Suu IS going to make everything alright.

Yes, President Suu Kyi will get everything right.
Even that horrible genocide.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....

Don't "exaggerate" Rohingya's plight, Mother would chide.

Brother, you need to be patient.

Our Leader-Mommy is engaged in horse-trading.

All you do is BLAME, BLAME and BLAME!

Patience is virtue. It's only a genocide.

So, all you Rohingya, sit tight.

Try to survive your trafficking boat rides.


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