Order Rohingya Calendar that tells a factual story of a people subject to Myanmar's slow genocide.

Rohingya calendar is print-ready.

It tells a story of one of the world's most persecuted people, subject to a slow genocide that begun in 1978 - under the pretext of an anti-illegal immigration campaign launched by the late General Ne Win's Myanmar's dictator.  

Please preview  here  -- http://www.rohingyacalendar.com/ -- what's inside the 14-months Rohingya calendar.

It is an educational kit, a story teller, and a campaign tool.

Every Rohingya in the world should have this calendar:

to revive their sense of dignity and self-worth in the face of a slow genocide of nearly 40 years, to teach their children about their root, to understand the international - as opposed to domestic/internal - nature of the oppression and persecution at the hands of Myanmar state authorities and racists among the Rakhine, and so too does every global citizen who wants to help end the incredible sufferings of the Rohingya - 1.33 million inside Myanmar and an equal number in diaspora - to learn and appreciate the depth of persecution factually and to be able to see through Myanmar's lies and global mass media's misportrayal of them as "stateless".

The borderland people, the Rohingya - Rohingya is not a blood-type or a DNA, but a socially evolving ethnicity like any ethnicity - belong in Northern Arakan or Rakhine.

As a matter of fact, Myanmar, my country of birth, is repeating what Turkey did to the Christian Armenians 100 years ago. Of all the oppressed ethnic groups of Myanmar - including the Bama, as well as non-Bama ethnic group, only the Rohingya have been singled out and persecuted genocidally for the last nearly 40 years - since Febrary 1978.

That's why ending this international crime will have to be a top priority for those involved in Myanmar's transition from direct military rule to a largely military-controlled NLD government headed by Aung San Suu Kyi.

Let's welcome 2016 with a shared resolve to end the slow genocide being committed by the State in Myanmar as I write these words.

Dr Zarni       (UK)                           Dr Haikal Mansor   (Ireland)            Dr Hla Kyaw (The Netherlands
Publisher                                 Designer                                       Researcher


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