A Hard Look at Peace in Myanmar

Myanmar Peace Rally (Photo: Scott Bleiweis)

Myanmar peace is not conceivable between the colonizer and the colonizer.

Peace is NOT even conceivable in Burma, despite all the hype, the pomp of the empty ceasefire signing during which the Shans were being attacked and driven out of their communities.

$40 million in 3 years didn't result in peace, and pour $4 billion into the 'peace fund', so-called, and there won't be peace. 

Peace is not conceivable between the colonizer and the colonized. 

Support self-determination of all other (non-Bama) ethnic groups. That is compassionate, principled and actually wise in the long run. 

As a Bama - formerly incredibly nationalistic and patriotic - let me state this for the record. I will unequivocally support the self-determination and freedom of any non-Bama ethnic community - either collectively or individually. 

Secession and independence of certain ethnic states is more conceivable than peace under the Tatmadaw rule - unless Myanmar generals stop being colonialistic towards non-Bama ethnic peoples. That is next to impossible: most of them will die racist and colonial. 

If I were a non-Bama minority who wants justice and freedom from Bama colonial rule, I would bide my time until a proxy war begins between USA and China, India and Japan. The last time a big war broke out these patches of communities were forced into a nation-state. The next time the opposite will happen. Mark my words: break-up of Burma.

Just look back and think how many were independent nation-states at the end of the WWII - in 1945, and how many there are today: about thrice as many in a span of mere 7 decades.

Who amongst the non-oppressed, the non-colonized have the moral authority to tell the oppressed what is pragmatic, what is good, and what is viable for them.

The question of independence and freedom is primarily the business of the oppressed - not the advisers, not the NGOs, not foreign governments and certainly not the crippled and paralyzed UN (which incidentally has collected 3 or 4 Nobel Peace prizes, but for what what?).


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