#Myanmar and Its Nation-Builders (1962-present)

#Myanmar and Its Nation-Builders (1962-present)

They come. They loot.  They lie.  They rape   They rob.  They steal.  They torture.   They burn villages.  They now scapegoat Muslims - just as they scapegoated Communists and Chinese.  They spread hate.  They promote racism.  They sponsor violence.  They outsource a genocide (of the Rohingya).  They offer 'nationwide ceasefire' - before they bomb you again.  

Alas, that's our nation-builders.  

They once called themselves the 'Revolutionary Council'.

They took off generals' uniform, put on head dress and silk longyi, and called themselves, cadres and "socialists". 

They gave us the "Burmese Way to Socialism" and 1974 one-party "Socialist" Constitution. 

It turned out to be one-general dictatorship.  The created a military Hell and  produced a nation of 51 million ill-educated and malnourished paupers.

The changed the countrt's name from Burma to Myanmar, and tried "Myanmar Way to Capitalism".  That too turned out to be a  general-crony kleptocracy.

They called themselves 'State Law and Order Restoration Council.  They loved peace so much they incorporated the word 'peace' into their new and fanciful name: the State Peace and Development Council.

They took off generals' uniform, again.  And they wrote their democracy-proof Constitution of 2008.  They launched 'reforms', short-lived, superficial and inconsequential.

And now their reforms are acknowledged dead or in reverse, having resulted in 'Discipline Flourishing Democracy'.  It wll be binned, sooner or later.  

A new crop will come and they will keep on building our nation - until they are all dead.​


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