Myanmar regime is blatantly lying to the country and our people

"Myanmar regime is blatantly lying to the country and our people." 

2 Feb 2015 

"You know what this regime does is tell the country and people blatant lies. They have absolutely no regard, respect or appreciation for any entity in society. Their arrogance is such that they think whoever they summon or order to come and meet with them will obey their summon. They think they are a cut above the entire society." 

-- Ko Kyaw Ko Ko, All Burma Federation of Student Unions, 2 Feb 2015

the link to his speech is here:

"Defy all laws and orders that are unfair, un-just and repressive. It is every citizen's duty!" 

- Ko Kyaw Ko Ko, All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) 

Spend your 3-minutes listening to this program: 

1) the authorities have been pressuring Buddhist monasteries and locals NOT to provide any accommodation (or support) for the student marchers. 

2) the students have arrived by cars and buses to Ye Nan Chaung oil town - the birthplace of Burma's industrial labor movement during the British time. 

3) student marchers have been told by Aung Min, Nwa Thein Sein's "peace" minister, that the regime can no longer guarantee personal safety of student marchers, beyond Poke Par (the extinct volcano near the ancient capital Pagan). Minister Aung Min also urged the student representatives to call off the march completely while relaying the bosses' message: that the regime doesn't recognize ABFSU. 

4) the march will be halted while the negotiations between the regime negotiation team led by Aung Min, Thein Sein - all ex-military officers, and their lackeys from Myanmar Peace Center (namely Min Zaw Oo, Yin Yin Nwe, Aung Naing Oo, etc), are on-going.


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