UN and USA recognize and honor Rohingya's right to self-identity

"The affected population—referred to as Bengalis by the government of Myanmar but known as Rohingya in the United Nations and in much of the international community—the United Nations uses that word based on the rights of minorities."

The regime in Myanmar or Burma finds it 'disturbing' that UN Sec-General Ban Ki-Moon officially refers to the Rohingyas of Burma Rohingya - as a matter of UN's policy and in accord with international human rights laws.

But the same regime does NOT find it disturbing that Rohingyas are dropping dead, out of malnutrition and blocked access to health care, fleeing by the thousands - nearly 100,000 since June 2012 - , living in sub-human conditions, or being killed by troops and Nazi-inspired Rakhine.

Govt Criticizes Ban Ki-moon Over Use of ‘Rohingya’ Term

Here is the official Myanmar TV coverage of Rakhine Chief Minister ex-Major General and ex-military counter-intelligence division chief Maung Maung Ohn's letter of complaint to UN Chief about UN's official policy of calling Rohingya Rohingya. 

Post by MRTV.

In a separate but related development, the Obama Administration urges Burmese leaders to scrap "Rakhine (Rohingya) Action Plan" and draw up a new plan to honor Rohingya identity and grant them full citizenship.


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