Five things each of us human, Jews and non-Jews, can do for Gazans/Palestinians

Five things each of us human, Jews and non-Jews, can do for Gaza

Many of us are outraged.  Some express their rage against the blatant, but well-organized and well-planned genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza - and beyond by Israel, a country founded as a safe place for the Jews around the world.

Seventy years ago, the world, especially the imperial Western powers  including UK, France, USA, went along with Hitler, having detected what was up Hitler's sleeves.  Anti-Jew racism among the ruling classes of these countries - where Jews, women, "niggers" and dogs  were not welcome in universities or refused services in these God-fearing Christian nations.

Now in 2014, the West - and we citizens around the world - knows what Zionists led by Netanyahu have up their sleeves: namely large scale extermination - not necessarily until the last Palestinian is dead - of Palestinians.

Several years ago I heard first hand - straight from the mouth of an Israeli leader - that Netanyahu was hell-bent on rejecting the 2-state solution for the Palestinians and the Jews (minus the Palestinians' 'right of return' and any element of fairness, compensation or justice). For this school of thought, rejection of 2-state solution spells the end of Israel - as they know it - because the Palestinian population growth is expected to outpace that of the Jews in Israel.  Demographically, Israel with its racist/apartheid version of 'democracy' - democracy for the Jews, not for the Palestinians really will be overwhelming Palestinians.

Netanyahu has different ideas.  He is making Gaza utterly un-inhabitable, through death and destruction.   The country with  one of the most sophisticated war machines claim threatened by Hamas' firecracker-like rockets.

There is no war in Gaza; only a series of chronic, strategically timed genocidal acts - yes, that means GENOCIDE - by this racist, Fascist state.

As the genocide unfolds the American politicians from both Democratic and Republican parties in Congress, as well as the Obama Administration 'fall over each other' to show their solidarity with Israel by providing $250 million military aid package to the new Nazi regime in that Jewish state.

Israel fully knows it can count on the support of 3 permanent members - USA, UK and France - against any measures that may be tabled to bring an end to the immediate destruction of Gaza and a lasting peace to the entire Palestine.

The United Nations has failed the Palestinians - just like it has failed the Tibetants, the Burmese, the Rohingya, the Kashmirese, the Rwanda, the Cambodia and so on.

EU will fund projects to pick up the pieces after Israel bombed Gaza back to Stone Age, again.

But as citizens of the world and fellow humans of Palestinians we must - we absolutely must, if you think you are humans - do something to bring an end to this most outrageous, immoral and unconscienable crimes against humanity - whatever the legal name of the crimes Israel is committing in Gaza and Palestine.

I will personally not have anything to do with any Zionist, who whitewashes, justifies, or actively supports Israel and its Nazi conduct towards Gaza.

I urge you to show your solidarity by engaging daily in people-to-people boycott of Israel.

Here are five things you can do - and this list is only suggestive.

1) if you work in the service sector, refuse any and all services to Israeli tourists;

2) avoid all forms of human contact with Israelis  who do not show any compassion for the wretched of Palestine;

3) refuse any professional collaboration with Israelis who whitewash or justify Israel's Jewish apartheid and genocide in Gaza;

4) refuse saying Hello to any Israeli as a gesture of your disapproval of Israel's Jewish apartheid which enjoys the overwhelming support from  Israeli - and many in the Jewish diaspora; and

5) realize that genocides and fascist behavior do not end as a result of dialogue and moral persuasion and hence refuse to dialogue with Zionists.  Genocides typically end when genocidal regimes collapse, implode, overstretched or get defeated by greater military power.  


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