Calling on Canada to help end Myanmar Genocide of Rohingya at Toronto City Council on 23 Nov 2017

Saying "Sorry!" to a Rohingya brother who survived Myanmar Genocide, Kutupalong Camp, Bangladesh, 7 Nov 2017.

Speaking on the Slow Burning Genocide of Rohingyas in Burma, with Professor Amartya Sen, Harvard University, Nov 2014

N. Ireland peace activist Mairead Maguire presenting Zarni with the Cultivation of Harmony Award on behalf of the Parliament of the World's Religions, Salt Lake City, USA 18 Oct 2015

Meeting with The Minister of Foreign Affairs Rt. Honourable Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, M.P., State Guest House, Dhaka, 4 Nov 2017

"National Traitor and Enemy of the State" for his opposition to Rohingya Genocide. Sun Rays, 16/9/17

Five things each of us human, Jews and non-Jews, can do for Gazans/Palestinians

Five things each of us human, Jews and non-Jews, can do for Gaza

Many of us are outraged.  Some express their rage against the blatant, but well-organized and well-planned genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza - and beyond by Israel, a country founded as a safe place for the Jews around the world.

Seventy years ago, the world, especially the imperial Western powers  including UK, France, USA, went along with Hitler, having detected what was up Hitler's sleeves.  Anti-Jew racism among the ruling classes of these countries - where Jews, women, "niggers" and dogs  were not welcome in universities or refused services in these God-fearing Christian nations.

Now in 2014, the West - and we citizens around the world - knows what Zionists led by Netanyahu have up their sleeves: namely large scale extermination - not necessarily until the last Palestinian is dead - of Palestinians.

Several years ago I heard first hand - straight from the mouth of an Israeli leader - that Netanyahu was hell-bent on rejecting the 2-state solution for the Palestinians and the Jews (minus the Palestinians' 'right of return' and any element of fairness, compensation or justice). For this school of thought, rejection of 2-state solution spells the end of Israel - as they know it - because the Palestinian population growth is expected to outpace that of the Jews in Israel.  Demographically, Israel with its racist/apartheid version of 'democracy' - democracy for the Jews, not for the Palestinians really will be overwhelming Palestinians.

Netanyahu has different ideas.  He is making Gaza utterly un-inhabitable, through death and destruction.   The country with  one of the most sophisticated war machines claim threatened by Hamas' firecracker-like rockets.

There is no war in Gaza; only a series of chronic, strategically timed genocidal acts - yes, that means GENOCIDE - by this racist, Fascist state.

As the genocide unfolds the American politicians from both Democratic and Republican parties in Congress, as well as the Obama Administration 'fall over each other' to show their solidarity with Israel by providing $250 million military aid package to the new Nazi regime in that Jewish state.

Israel fully knows it can count on the support of 3 permanent members - USA, UK and France - against any measures that may be tabled to bring an end to the immediate destruction of Gaza and a lasting peace to the entire Palestine.

The United Nations has failed the Palestinians - just like it has failed the Tibetants, the Burmese, the Rohingya, the Kashmirese, the Rwanda, the Cambodia and so on.

EU will fund projects to pick up the pieces after Israel bombed Gaza back to Stone Age, again.

But as citizens of the world and fellow humans of Palestinians we must - we absolutely must, if you think you are humans - do something to bring an end to this most outrageous, immoral and unconscienable crimes against humanity - whatever the legal name of the crimes Israel is committing in Gaza and Palestine.

I will personally not have anything to do with any Zionist, who whitewashes, justifies, or actively supports Israel and its Nazi conduct towards Gaza.

I urge you to show your solidarity by engaging daily in people-to-people boycott of Israel.

Here are five things you can do - and this list is only suggestive.

1) if you work in the service sector, refuse any and all services to Israeli tourists;

2) avoid all forms of human contact with Israelis  who do not show any compassion for the wretched of Palestine;

3) refuse any professional collaboration with Israelis who whitewash or justify Israel's Jewish apartheid and genocide in Gaza;

4) refuse saying Hello to any Israeli as a gesture of your disapproval of Israel's Jewish apartheid which enjoys the overwhelming support from  Israeli - and many in the Jewish diaspora; and

5) realize that genocides and fascist behavior do not end as a result of dialogue and moral persuasion and hence refuse to dialogue with Zionists.  Genocides typically end when genocidal regimes collapse, implode, overstretched or get defeated by greater military power.  

I am not a Jew, a poem in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere

I am not a Jew


(a poem in honor of the indomitable spirit of fellow humans who are being killed by Israel while being locked up in the Zionist concentration camp - called Gaza )

I am not a Jew.
But I felt the pain listening to my German friend telling me of how 1,000 Jews in Munich became among the first victims of Hitler's regime in a single night.
I am not a holocaust survivor's relation
but I felt the pain walking around Ravensbruck
where thousands of Jewish women and girls perished in gas chambers.

I am not a Khmer.
But I felt the pain where I walked around Killing Fields
I am not a Khmer Rouge survivor,
but I felt outraged listening live to Pol Pot's Brother Number Two pleading not guilty of mass atrocities.

I am not a Rohingya
But I felt the pain when they shared their life stories with me of how ruthlessly and inhumanly Burmese/Myanmar officials and local racist Rakgine have treated them - or how children were burned alive.
I am not a genocide-fleeing refugee
but i am equally outraged by how "Buddhist" society has sleep-walked into a slow burning genocide.

I am not a Chinese
but I loathed the Japanese fascist occupiers in Nanking who practiced their Kendo (Samuri-style swords) on the actual necks of Chinese victims
I didn't live through the Japanese occupation as a Chinese
but I felt for those who did.

I am not a Tamil
but I felt the piercing pain when I heard a testimony of a Tamil surgeon
describing how he had to let the wounded and the pregnant die as Sri Lankan troops kept on shelling into hospitals in the paradoxically named "No Fire Zone".
I am not a member of Tamil Eelam liberation movement
but I felt a genuine solidarity with their desire to live life as free and dignified people, not subject to ultra-racist "Buddhist" genocidal policies of Colombo.

I am not a Karen or Shan of Burma
but I felt the pain when I witnessed how 2 generations of Karen, Shan (and other) minorities) in the war zones of Eastern Burma have been subject to the internally colonial wars of greed, aggression and delusions waged by the neo-Fascist Tatmadaw (or feudal military)
I didn't suffer civil war in my country of birth
but I felt the fear and terror of those vicariously through victims' narratives.

I am not a Rwandan Tutsi
but I felt the pain when I heard stories of the survivors of their genocide.

But ...

do I have to be a Jew, a Khmer, a Rohingya, a Chinese, a Tamil, a Karen , or a Rwandan
in order to empathize with those who have suffered immensely?

Do I have to be a Palestinian, an Arab, or a Muslim to feel the pain and rage of being robbed of one's non-Biblical land by those deluded enough to see themselves as "chosen people"?

Do I have to be a Gazan to feel the pain of being locked up in a vast concentation camp by those whose ancestors themselves were exterminated in similar camps thousands of miles away?

I am not a Jew.
But I AM your fellow human!

လူအုပ္စုႀကီး၏ ေနာက္ကြယ္ကို ရွာေဖြျခင္း

By The Voice Weekly

လူသတ္ရမလား သတ္ရဲသည္။ မီး႐ိႈ႕ရမလား ႐ိႈ႕ရဲသည္။ ႏိုင္ငံေတာ္သီခ်င္း သံကုန္ဟစ္ၿပီး လူထုကို ရန္တိုက္ရမလား တိုက္ဝံ့သည္။ သူတို႔ ဘာ့ေၾကာင့္ ရဲတင္းလြန္းၾကသနည္း။ ထုိေသရဲ တိုက္ရဲေသာ လက္ကိုင္တုတ္ လူတစ္စု၏ ေနာက္တြင္ မည္သူရွိသနည္း။

ထိုအေျဖကို ရခိုင္၊ နတ္တလင္း၊ ဥကၠံ၊ လား႐ိႈး၊ မိတၳီလာတို႔တြင္ ျဖစ္ပြားခဲ့ေသာ ဘာသာေရးအသုံးခ် အဓိက႐ုဏ္းမ်ား ၿပီးကတည္းက သိလိုေနၾကသည္။ မႏၲေလး ပဋိပကၡ ျဖစ္စဥ္အၿပီးတြင္ ျပည္သူမ်ား သိလိုစိတ္ ပိုျပင္းျပလာေသာ အေၾကာင္းျခင္းရာ တစ္ခုလည္း ျဖစ္သည္။

“ဒီအကြက္ႀကီးက ႐ိုးေနတဲ့ အကြက္ႀကီးပဲ။ ဒါဖန္တီးမႈ၊ လုပ္ႀကံမႈ၊ ဘာသာေရးကို ခုတုံးလုပ္ အေရာင္ျပၿပီး ႏိုင္ငံေရးလုပ္ႀကံမႈ” ဟု မိန္႔ဆိုလာသူက အမရပူရၿမဳိ႕ ဂႏၶာ႐ုံေက်ာင္းတိုက္ ဘဝအလင္း ဆရာေတာ္ ဦးေသာဘိတ ျဖစ္သည္။

The Slow-Burning Genocide Of Myanmar's Rohingya

By Maung Zarni and Alice Cowley

Abstract: Since 1978, the Rohingya, a Muslim minority of Western Burma, have been subject to a state-sponsored process of destruction. The Rohingya have deep historical roots in the borderlands of Rakhine State, Myanmar, and were recognized officially both as citizens and as an ethnic group by three successive governments of post-independence Burma. In 1978, General Ne Win’s socialist military dictatorship launched the first large-scale campaign against the Rohingya in Rakhine State with the intent first of expelling them en masse from Western Burma and subsequently legalizing the systematic erasure of Rohingya group identity and legitimizing their physical destruction. This on-going process has continued to the present day under the civilian-military rule of President Thein Sein’s government. Since 2012, the Rohingya have been subject to renewed waves of hate campaigns and accompanying violence, killings and ostracization that aim both to destroy the Rohingya and to permanently remove them from their ancestral homes in Rakhine State.

Findings from the authors’ three-year research on the plight of the Rohingya lead us to conclude that Rohingya have been subject to a process of slow-burning genocide over the past thirty-five years. The destruction of the Rohingya is carried out both by civilian populations backed by the state and perpetrated directly by state actors and state institutions. Both the State in Burma and the local community have committed four out of five acts of genocide as spelled out by the 1948 Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide. Despite growing evidence of genocide, the international community has so far avoided calling this large scale human suffering genocide because no powerful member states of the UN Security Council have any appetite to forego their commercial and strategic interests in Burma to address the slow-burning Rohingya genocide.

How to distinguish a genuinely practising Buddhist monk from a Nazi with a Shaven Head in Saffron Robe

Nazi "Monk" Wirathu versus the good Buddhist monks of Mandalay 

Myanmar's notorious Nazi "monk" Wirathu espousing his extremely racist anti-Muslim view

Mandalay Peace Committee meeting, Moe Gaung Monastery, Mandalay, 

6 Jul 2014

From a Buddhist perspective, there are 3 types of actions: mental act or thought/idea/view, the act of articulating a thought/idea/view and a physical act of acting upon the thought/idea/view.

Therefore, speech itself is an act, giving away the intent of the speaker.

In the current climate wherein the world finds it hard to understand why Myanmar's (and Sri Lanka's) Buddhists - monks and lay public - alike are engaged in anti-Muslim violence it is important to know how to spot a Nazi monk and distinguish him from a good, genuine monk. For not all Saffron-robed men with shaven heads, however learned sounding, are 'noble sons of Lord Buddha'.

This 4-minutes video clip should serve as an educational vehicle for those who wish to understand the difference between a good, genuine monk and a Nazi man in saffron robe by watching radically different speech acts:

one full of ignorance, disdain and (barely concealed) hatred of a non-Buddhist faith-based community, namely Islam and its Muslim adherents and the other showing compassion, respect and understanding of non-Buddhists living in a predominantly Buddhist society.

The Saffron-robed man Wirathu, whom Time magazine dubbed “The Face of Buddhist Terror” (in Burma), explained his view about the world’s Muslims in general and Muslims of Burma in particular at the congregation held at Moe Gaung Monastery, Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar), on 6 July 2014.

Here is the transcript of various speech acts in English, if you don't have the command of Burmese.

//text begins//

Wirathu’s speech act: In his own words from 00:00 till 02:45 minutes(Verbatim translation

“On the eve of India’s independence in October 1947, that country’s Muslims were staunchly opposed to the idea of non-Muslim government which would rule the Muslims there. So the Muslims there carried out Jihad chronically. They slaughtered Hindus in large numbers. The Muslims also launched arson attacks on Hindus. Then these Muslims attempted to befriend and ingratiate themselves with Mahatama Ganghi. Gandhi went on fast when the Hindus planned to retaliate the Muslims. Out of their reverence and fondness forGandhi the Hindus there chose to be tolerant towards India’s Muslims. As a consequence of this pattern of Muslim attacks and Hindu tolerance, certain provinces were cleansed of all Hindus.

Subsequently, those (Hindu) who came to hold the view that as long as Gandhi was alive India would never regain her independence and would forever remain in colonial bondage assassinated Gandhi. The assassin was a follower of Gandhi. A Hindu killing a Hindu.

I acknowledge that there is a genuine desire for (communal) peace. I also acknowledge that efforts are made to explore ways to establish peace.

When they (Muslims) feel threatened or find themselves in a crisis they would approach monks and beg for support and protection. As soon as the risks subside Muslims simply turned their back on the monks. So, do not attempt to use us, Burmese monks, the way India’s Muslims used Gandhi.

No conflict between Bama (or Myanmar “race”) and Christians has taken place. Nor has there been any conflict between Bama and Hindu. The conflict here is always Bama and Islam. Inasmuch as Hindus are worthy of our love and Christians are extremely respectable, Islam deserves only pity. Muslims deserve our pity because they are stupid, because they are ignorant and un-educated as the direct result of absence of human rights in their (communal) lives, because they are characteristically crude, crass and rough, because they lack capabilities to adjust and live in harmony with their environment, because they are superstitious, because they are narrow-minded, because they are one-tracked mind, because they have the problem of having huge egos. The world over these are the common findings/characteristics about Muslims. I really pity them. As a result of the two (Muslim) rapists this climate of fear …. “

The second monk who spoke beginning at 2:46 minutes: in his own words
“It is crucial that we get to the bottom of this conflict. Whether it is monks or lay-elements or government officials, whoever is behind instigating these conflicts aimed at destroying public tranquility, lives and properties it – it is imperative that we establish facts and truths, decisively and boldly. This is the single most important thing.”

Muslim leader who spoke after the second monk, beginning at 3:24 minutes:
“To give an example, alongside Buddhist abbots, we have travelled to (anti-Muslim conflict) spots at Meikhtila, Htan Goone, Lashio, etc. In Mandalay peace and harmony have prevailed as the result of loving kindness of venerable Buddhist monks, their relentless vigilance, and their hard monitoring work. Why is this conflict flaring up now? Well, precisely because of the (current NLD’s) push for amending Article 436 of the (military’s) Constitution we Muslims of Mandalay have been scapegoated used as pawns. Let me be really blunt. Now the push for constitutional change has come to a sudden stop.”

The last monk who spoke in this clip, beginning at 3:56 minutes:

“Although they are distinctly Islam ethnic group the essence of Buddhist teachings such as gentleness and loving kindness has seeped through the hearts (of Muslims here). The culture of Buddhism and its belief in Karma also permeate Muslim people’s lives. Muslims (in our country) genuinely believe that monks observe the societal guiding principles of Metta (universal, non-discriminatory loving), Karuna (universal kindness), Mudita (rejoicing in others’ happiness) and Uppeka (mindful indifference). That is why, Muslims here appeal to Buddhist monks for maintaining religious harmony and communal peace. The committee to maintain peace and harmony ought to study our cultures and ethnicities in-depth. We need to strive to be one big community. If Facebook and other media outlets spread rumors and false news we need to understand them for what they are: the attempts to divide all of us.”

//end text//

Myanmar's Nazi Monk Wirathu further inflames anti-Muslim racism

Myanmar's Nazi Monk Wirathu further inflames anti-Muslim racism

"Muslim race is pitiful while Christians are very admirable and Hindus are a lovely people. I pity the Muslims. Conflicts are always with Islam. It's because of their extremist, superstitions and narrow-mindedness. It's because they lack capacity to adapt and integrate. It's because of their blinding stupidity. I really do feel pitiful towards them."

- Wirathu (until 2 minutes and 53 second)

The monk that spoke after Wirathu:

"we need to investigate and expose the invisible forces behind these attempts to incite religious conflicts in Mandalay."

The Muslim activist in black jacket:

"you know all this violence has diverted public attention away from the push for changing the Article 436 of the military's Constitution (which puts the military at the driver's seat forever)."

the 3rd and last monk:

"Muslims in our country are at heart really gentle and polite Burmese."

13 Things that Keep Burma/Myanmar under the Military Crony Complex

(Photo: Reuters)

Here is what is in store for Myanmar

Naypyidaw regime will 'tolerate' - dare I say even unleash -- acts of destabilize the social and political environment through its shadow/proxy networks such as 969 and 'League of Defense of Buddhism and Bama Race' - ahead of 2015 elections and in the midst of Aung San Suu Kyi's campaign to change the military's Constitution of 2008.

What is needed is a combination of 1) domestic/popular and effective opposition to this kind of racist mobilization and 2) serious pressure from strategically placed foreign governments and institutions with leverage with Nwa Thein Sein regime.

However, the following factors work in favor of the perpetuation of the military rule, in whatever disguises.

  1. anti-Muslim popular racism
  2. near complete control of access to natural resources (save a few armed ethnic groups)
  3. lucrative business licenses (and conversely corporate greed - such as Norway's Telenor and Statoil and Qartar's Ooredoo - to prey on)
  4. the country being strategically important to China (and thus India, Japan and USA) (playing the British Ministry of Defence, the Pentagon, etc. against PLA)
  5. the international financial institutions and development funding agencies, whose ultimate missions - however they are framed (for instance, MDG, poverty reduction, economic growth, livelihoods, 3 Diseases, etc.) - are making the emerging post-socialist states work for the international corporations - otherwise known as 'Free Market'
  6. Aung San Suu Kyi-led opposition's hopelessly un-strategic and extremely poor organizational and intellectual capacity
  7. near-absence of liberal, humanistic thoughts and deeds among average Joes
  8. ceasefire deals and negotiations and the IMPOSSIBILITY AND INABILITY of non-Bama ethnic leaderships to gain majority popular support beyond their own respective ethnic circles
  9. the irreplaceable UN membership
  10. full backing of the regional block - ASEAN - and its equally Neanderthal member states
  11. the deeply conservative - some might even say - ideologically and sociologically regressive -- character of the Burmese Buddhist Order
  12. the neutered university student bodies that were once officially designated threat to the military; and last but not least,
  13. the non-revolutionary character of the Burmese society at large

Myanmar Government-backed 969 campaigners manufacture a rape story to incite anti-Muslim violence in Mandalay

Myanmar Government-backed 969 - now "Defence of Buddhism and Race League" - manufactured "Buddhist-woman-raped-by-a-Muslim" story to incite religious violence in Mandalay

"I am not ashamed of having been raped by a fellow Bama and Justice Department staff, but I am ashamed that monks and other (anti-Muslim) groups are distorting and using my rape story to create religious conflicts in my hometown of Mandalay."

Ma Hae Mar Kyaw (17), a Mandalay rape victim, Press Conference in Mandalay, 3 July 2014.

The gist of the story according to this news report about her press conference:

Back in 2013, her older brother was approached by some elements to sell drugs. When her brother refused to cooperate they went ahead and farmed him with possession of illegal drug charges for which the brother was arrested. She and her family began attending his court hearings in Mandalay and became well acquainted with one court staff named Mr Tin Maung Win, Myanmar Government staff with Justice Department, Home Affairs Ministry.

(Earlier this year), the court official offered her and her family to help with the brother's case, and asked Ma Hae Mar Kyaw to come to Pyin Oo Lwin (forrmely May Myo famous colonial hill station 42 miles from Mandalay) a few months ago (this year) where she was promised a meeting with a judge important for her brother's case.

At a teashop, Tin Maung Win spiked her CocaCola, took her to a nearby Pearl Guest House and subsequently raped this young woman.

The rape victim explained that on 19 May 2014 the doctor who conducted pregnancy test informed her that she is pregnant and she tried to communicate with the above-named rapist, who refused to discuss the matter.

Subsequently, she and her family reported him to the local police. But the Court officials under whose supervision the rapist works refused to issue any arrest warrant which the police needed to take legal actions.

Then she and her family got in touch with social activist networks to go to public with her story. It was at this point 969 monks and other anti-Muslim agitators got involve: they manufactured this 'a Muslim man raped a Buddhist story' and used this lie to incite anti-Muslim communal violence.

8 concrete actions Myanmar Government need take to address anti-Muslim violence and racism

8 concrete actions Myanmar Government need take to address anti-Muslim violence and racism if it is serious about addressing the rise in anti-Muslim violence and genocidal racism in the country 

1) arrest immediately "the Face of Buddhist Terror", ulra-racist fake monk Wirathu, defrock him and lock him up until after 2015 and banned from entering any monastery premises; 

2) fire, true and lock up ex-colonel Ye Htut and ex-Major Zaw Htay, two president spokesmen using their official capacity to promote anti-Muslim misinformation and hate speech 

3) disband 969 and 'Defence of Buddhism and Bama Race League' and declare them a threat to social harmony; 

4) drop the anti-religious conversion bill, drafted under President Nwa Thein Sein's order and sponsored by the ruling military party headed by Thakhoe Shwe Mann; 

5) arrest the ruling party Finance Committee chairman Aung Thaung, who patronizes anti-Muslim thuggish group known as Taung Tha Army, named after his birthplace in upper Burma; 

6) confiscate any businesses own by cronies who patronize and finance anti-Muslim violence campaign; 

7) crack down on Burmese private media outlets that print and promote manufactured anti-Muslim stories; and 

8) arrest Nay Myo Wai, crude and thuggish Chairman of Diversity and Democracy Party on charges of openly promoting hate speech and inciting the murder of the country's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi (Nay Myo Wai has openly called for the destruction of all mosques in Myanmar, illegalization of Islam and the murder of Aung San Suu Kyi).

Religious Violence and Instrumental Role of the Government/State in Myanmar

Religious Violence and Instrumental Role of the Government/State in Myanmar (pp.83-96)

Myanmar's 'reformist' government of Thein Sein allows to attack Muslims