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London Conference
Decades of Persecution and Destruction
Myanmar’s Rohingya

28 April 2014

A Public Event
co-sponsored by

LSE Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit
Burmese Rohingya Organization United Kingdom

Venue: THE SHAW LIBRARY (Founders Room), 6th Floor, Old Building, LSE
Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm 

Opening Session
Rwanda Genocide Survivors and Activists Prudentienne Seward & Rene Mugenzi

Tun Khin, BROUK President: "Rohingyas Appeal to the World"

Prudentienne Seward: "Surviving Rwanda genocide: A first-hand experience"

Morning Plenary Session I

Professor Daniel Feierstein: " What is genocide?"

Professor Gabriele Della Morte: "Human Rights Law and Mechanisms for Justice"

Dr Helen Jarvis: "Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Tribunal"

Professor Gianni Tognoni: "Alternatives routes to international justice"

Morning Plenary Session II
Kyaw Win: "Mass Violence against Myanmar's Muslims and State Persecution of Muslim Rohingya"

Dr Shapan Adnan: Bangladesh Government policies and the Situation of the Rohingya Refugees

Nural Islam: "Defenseless Rohingya and their Protection"

Matthew Smith: "Findings from Myanmar: Documentation of Abuses Against Rohingya"

Dr Maung Zarni: The Slow Burning Genocide of Myanmar's Rohingya

Special Appearance
UN's Quintana: "elements of genocide" against Myanmar's Rohingya

Afternoon Roundtable: The State in Myanmar and Its Crimes

Professor Penny Green: "The State in Myanmar and Its Crimes"

Christopher Tuckwood: "Mapping and Tracking the Persecution of Rohingya"

Daniel Sullivan :"Marching to Genocide in Burma"

Professor Bridget Conley: "Mass Atrocities and How They End"

Professor Mary Kalor
(The tech problems made it extremely difficult for her to contribute via Skype.)


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