Myanmar has reforms or reformers: only thuggish and smartish rulers


International Burma or Myanmar "experts", as well as political leaders of all stripes and colours, typically rave about Burma's "extraordinary reforms". They laud the reformers led by President and ex-General Thein Sein and Speaker of the Parliament ex-general Shwe Mann. Usually the binary 'hard-liners' and 'reformers or moderates' is often thrown around in policy and other Burma chats. 

But for those who live amongst these generals and ex-generals, none of them is trust-worthy, capable of building a multiethnic country or understands or cares that much about 'development'.

As far as these astute and grounded Burmese observers and civil society activists, there are only two types of military rulers: one type of generals and ex-generals wants to keep power and wealth in their hands permanently, but they want to be smart about it and the other type too shares the same goal of ruling and looting the country to eternity, but they are prepared to resort to crudest, crassest and most thuggish strategies. 

All power holders are drawn from Myanmar's Tatmadaw or Feudal Armed Forces, incidentally. 

Neither group nor their power based - the feudal army - has any potential to succeed as nation-builders, intellectually, developmentally, politically or culturally.


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