An Overview of Myanmar's Reforms

Do you know the latest delusion in the world of Myanmar analysts and the country's rather racist political class led by Aung San Suu Kyi and formerly jailed student activists?

That 2015 elections will be the most important process, potentially a tipping point, for those who wish to see change or who are working to bring about change in Myanmar.

Why do I say this?

Nothing that is fundamental in the nature of political power, control of power, the exercises in power, the institutional holder of power, or the plan and worldview of those in power has changed.

This whole post-2015 discourse is Made-in-Naypyidaw political cool-aid that is designed for those who think the military will ever allow any process that will curtail its domains of influence and control.

Who is the biggest stakeholder in the country's economy?

The military and its conglomerates.

Who is the Final Decider?

The military and those who control it.

What do they think about the masses/electorates?

Cannon fodders and worthless idiots who cannot be trusted to make decisions for the country.

What do they think of Buddhism?

Nothing but a convenient ideology that can be mobilized for strategic purposes.

What do they think of western-educated Burmese,as well as foreign technocrats? Stalin's idiots.

What do they think of Aung San Suu Kyi?

A useful cover whose vanity and illusions of grandeur needs to be carefully manipulated and whose presidential ambitions can be exploited - for the perpetuation of military's power.

What do they think of ethnic minorities?

Backward, dishonest tribal men (and women) who push for this anti-Union idea called 'Federalism" and who can never be treated as equals.

What do they think of Western governments and entities?

They bark human rights, reforms and democracy, but they don't mean it. They are in Myanmar for their own greed, interests and strategic calculations. The military's interests are best alligned with these 'civilizers' and 'liberalizers', and we the generals will get away with genocide and civil wars.

What do they think of 'donors'?

Fools with deep pockets. We will let them pay for public services, which will enable us to pocket billions of gas and resource revenues and allocate the lion's share of budget for the military.

What do Myanmar's 'reformist' generals and ex-generals think of democratization and transition theories?

Democracy? What's that?

A load of rubbish that may apply in other countries. But not in Myanmar, not in a million year. Only on our dead bodies.


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