Statelessness: the Rohingya (Refugee Voices) | Various speakers

Listen to panel 22 of the RSC's Refugee Voices conference, which took place 24–25 March at St. Anne's College, Oxford.

Voices of the Burmese Rohingya refugees: an analysis of everyday life in refugee camps in Bangladesh | Tun Khin

Tun Khin is President of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation-UK.

Shared responsibility: an international approach to the Rohingya crisis | Amal de Chickera

Amal de Chickera is Head of Statelessness and Nationality Projects at the Equal Rights Trust (ERT). de Chickera has provided the lead on ERT research and advocacy work on statelessness over the past six years.

The Rohingya: reading the State | Maung Zarni

Maung Zarni is a Visiting Fellow at the Human Security and Civil Society Research Unit, London School of Economics. Zarni's main research interests include the political economy of violence, conflict and international development, democratic transformations in Asia, and post-Cold War geo-politics. 


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