Rwandan Genocide: a brutally honest personal reflection by a Myanmar whose country commits a slow burning Rohingya genocide

We do not have the term "Rohinga".

President Thein Sein, Chatham House, London, 15 July 2013

Myanmar's "reformist" President Thein Sein seen here teeing off a new wave of Myanmar's military-led genocide which began in 1978 as a matter of national policy under the late General/Chairman Ne Win.  He is aided in this national journey by ex-academic from Myanmar Dr Kyaw Yin Hlaing, Jacque Leider of Luxumberg, former Financial Times correspondent Gwen Robinson and many other  professional white-washers. 
Rwandan Genocide: a brutally honest personal reflection

To me Rwandan Genocide is a glaring example of how dysfunctional and un-viable the current world order has become.

It is indicative of the categorical failures of the current system of inter-states.

These failures will become increasingly more apparent as the number of man-made disasters - wars, simmering conflicts, ecological crises, fleeing refugees, genocided communities, endemic labor abuses, international crimes, corporate loot, and so on rises.

The power of the (global, if not coordinated) military-industrial-financial complex is too great for the UN system to mitigate, especially since many governmental representatives are placed in the UN by the very pathological M-I-F complex, to begin with. (Start with US President down to the less powerful figures).

World leaders, so-called -- which one do you admire? I have none that i consider leader morally or intellectually -- and institutions of "global governance" have all proven dysfunctional. And I personally have absolutely no faith in the international justice system that is so selective and so impotent - one and the same time.

This world of ours is not run in accord with any set of spiritual or humanistic principles or values or objectives, despite rhetoric to the contrary.

So, I personally expect - but certainly NOT looking forward to - the worsening plight of people everywhere - every skin colour, gender group, etc.

We the People do NOT run the world - they the corporations and the managerial classes, militarists, fascists, religious fanatics do.

As a Burmese whose country is already in the genocidal space - NOT simply marching towards a genocide - our problems are also compounded by false messiahs and iconic frauds like Aung San Suu Kyi.

Burma's nightmare will drag on - especially for the wretched of the country:
Rohingya, farmers, urban poor, minority communities in the simmering civil war zones, religious minorities, etc.

So, Welcome!
Welcome to the categorically fucked up world we call our planet!

In my insane moments, I try to do something to prevent more pernicious things from happening, as a small and mortal individual within a limited life span.

But in my saner moments, I really wish I were an ET, with an access to some good ale! At least I wish I had somewhere to go like Speilberg's ET.

I have heard too much official and unofficial bullshit, from governments, INGOs, academics, gurus, you name it. 

Have seen too many charlatans, too many experts, too many world savers to have any real faith in anything. 

Just as we have a proliferation of 'human rights' this or that, civil society this or that, we are witnessing, rather powerlessly to stop, a far greater pace of proliferation of, ah, HUMAN RIGHTS crises.

ET wants to go home now, but he is delaying his homeward-bound journey - until after Myanmar's criminals against humanity and their professional white washers are locked away! 


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