Myanmar Government itself is behind mass violence against the Muslims & the Rohingya

Myanmar's anti-Muslim and anti-Rohingya Nazi Campaign is state-sponsored. 

969 and Ahshin Wirathu (a.k.a. Mr Win Naing Oo, born in Kyaukse, 'retired' Senior General Than Shwe's hometown) are nothing but proxies for the Burmese government.

An Open Note to Mr Maung Thura, the famed comedian
Will Zarganar come forward with loads of facts about Myanmar's state-sponsored campaign to scapegoat Muslims and Rohingya in order to promote the regime's own strategic ends - like shifting public opinion and demands away from liberalization and towards "innate" Burmese racism towards Muslims and dark skinned people, who are no less Myanmar than any delusional Bama who prides himself or herself as '100% or pure' Bama,.  

For whatever reasons, my beloved dissident friend is concealing such important facts regarding the rape narrative of the Rakhine woman the late Ma Thida Htwe - raped by 'Bengali men' was patently false, but spread by President Thein Sein's men the likes of Major Zaw Htay (Hmu Zaw), Colonel Ye Htut (now deputy information minister) as a trigger event to set the fire of genocidal hatred towards the Muslims.

Ma Thida Htwe was NOT raped but was simply murdered - the doctor who examined her body told Ko Zaganar, in no uncertain terms, that there absolutely NO EVIDENCE of rape on Ma Thida Htwe's dead body.

The doctor was forced to sign the medical report which claims falsely she was RAPED.

The rape story was spread by government agents on the social media and was used as a launching pad to start waves of mass killings against the Rohingya and the Muslims across Burma or Myanmar.

The lead accused - named Htet Htet - was killed in police custody - and Htet Htet was NOT a 'Bengali' - not EVEN A MUSLIM. A Rakhine Bama adopted by a Muslim family. The police announced Htet Htet killed himself.

Within a month of his death - when Zaganar attempted to meet Htet Htet's wife, she was found dead in a village well.

How convenient!

Reuters should do a serious investigation about what the Inquiry Commission has concealed or erased in terms of evidence.

A media story or two about 'anti-hate speech' campaign isn't going to kick off a real movement to push back the tide of Myanmar's brand of "Buddhist" N-A-Z-I-S-M manufactured and backed by  the entire status apparatus, ideological and violent.

The civil society, so-called, is too gullible and too genocidally hateful towards Rohingya  - and now all Muslims of Myanmar.  

Here is what I wrote in Fall 2012:
Did the gov’t incite the racial violence targeting the Rohingya?


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