A Toast to Myanmar's Democracy and her heroine Daw Aung San Suu Kyi!

Myanmar Generals' ceasefire is a charade

Former spook-cum-peace-minister Aung Min's plea for ethnic signatures is just so fake.

What the Tamadaw (Feudal Military) really care is Kachins' jade.

Into the ceasefire zones cronies plan on boosting Sino-Burmese overland trade

The ICG (International Corporate/Crisis Group) entertains a noble dream of turning war zones into labor and commodity markets

but locals are the one who will really regret.

Peace dividends those Nippons yak about are nothing but "donor's" hidden plans for resource grab.

Don't these formerly Fascist bastards always want solutions, Win-Win??

But why do they always win, those thuggish "IMF-friendly" generals and twisted corporate types?

This is their Myanmar, don't go and stoke nationalist fire with your pro-Rohingya notes.

For them ethnic cleansing is the biggest J-O-K-E!

"There is no evidence of those Duchira Dan Rohingya homocides".

Homocides are a no big deal.

Here is the real deal: President Thein Sein government DENY, DESIGN AND DESTROY Rohingya, over a million of them.

It matters not, they are nearly dead or newly born.

Smiley people you meet there are genocidal "Buddhists" with their racist zest.

Yes, the multiracist Myanmarese  are pursuing an all inclusive genocidal acts.
The government has a policy of 'Zero tolerance for Muslims'.

Myanmar was the home of Orwell
where doctors kill patients from IDP camps
police shoot the innocent
killers recite Metta or universal loving kindness!
while genocide is a lucrative outsourced business.

And their Nobel Lady of Latter-Day Fraud professes her "genuine affection" for her military jailers.
She said it's because she is a dead soldier's daughter.
She refutes, she ain't "a human rights defender"
The Nobel-woman too turns out to be an anti-Kalar* fear monger (*Burmese racist equivalent for Muslims as 'niggers")

It's not just that bitch.
Well, the West and the Rest are also trying to hitch
as the local rulers auction off the country's riches
where everyone knows fat proceeds go only to Naypyidaw and its "reformist" clique.


Meet Myanmar's Reformist President.

"Hello, I am Thein Sein, President of Myanmar.
Oh, my spin-doctor Gwen Robinson calls me, "Listener in chief".
You can call me, T-E-I-N  S-A-N-E.
I warmly welcome you all to our "democracy in transition".

"We are not perfect.  Our reforms face challenges.
I thank you for standing ready to assist.
Your dollars, we will not resist, of course not.

Tell those activists, to stop ranting obscenities like --- 'G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E'.
Don't they know we have no such word as 'Rohingya'.
How can you destroy people who do NOT exist in our national registrar."


"Hi - this is Ambassador So and So.
Are you fuckin' out of your mind, blogger?
Show me your "E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E!"
We are highly educated men and women of the empirical West.
Ah, dead bodies, dying children, raped women, and fleeing refugees, but so what?!!
Genocides happen 24/7.
Tell us something NEW.

What's so special about "your" Rohingya being denied their identity and group destroyed?

They can pray to Allah, for sure.  We A-I-N'T their Western saviors!!!
Bill Clinton didn't give a fuck about 1994 Rwanda?
What makes you think Smantha Power and Barack Obama would give a shit about 2014 Rohingya?
We will say sorry afterwards, won't we?

Get with the program, will you?
Grab a piece of generous peace consultancies!
Apply for a development grant.
Do 'capacity building' or interfaith dialogue ... or something.
Myanmar is the next Asian Tiger, about to take off as a new economic frontier.

Everywhere, people starve, babies die, men conscripted, women get raped.
Concern yourself only with growth rates.
Be future-smart.
Go to Myanmar.
They have vast riches.
Dig gold, trade in jade, drill gas or oil, or do logging, or traffic sexy Myanmar chicks.

Your career will surely get lucrative.

Let's toast to Myanmar's shining transitional democracy
Long live Lady Daw Aung San Suu Kyi!



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