"Our Ethnic Nationality Brothers and Sisters, the Rohingya citizens", Burma's Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, Brigadier General Aung Gyi, at the surrender ceremony of the Mujahadeen separatists in Western Burma, July 1961

May Yu Special Issue, Khit Yay Journal, Ministry of Defence, the Union of Burma, 15 July 1961

The special issue covers the news of the surrender of the Mujahadeen separatist movement. The Vice Chief of Staff of the Burma's Armed Forces Brigadier Aung Gyi attended the surrender ceremony. 

The majority of the Rohingya supported and collaborated with the central Burmese government, especially with the Armed Forces, in opposing any separatist movement. 

The result was the collapse of the armed separatist movement and the eventual surrender of the Mujahadeen leadership.

The Union of Burma Government duly recognized the Rohingya people's contribution in keeping the territorial integrity of Western Burma where they were administered in a special district called 'May Yu'.

Mistreated by and unwelcome in the formerly East Pakistan and now Bangladesh, the Rohingya have been loyal and attached to their birthplace - Burma/Myanmar.

In contrast, the Rakhine strongly hold independence aspirations, resent the Burmese for having destroyed their kingdom in 1785, abused and colonized them and demand greater autonomy.

The central military strategists have for the longest time played the Rohingya against the Rakhine.

In this episode of the country's history, the Rohingya were described rather positively as 'our national brethen the Rohingya citizens'.


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