Calling on Canada to help end Myanmar Genocide of Rohingya at Toronto City Council on 23 Nov 2017

Saying "Sorry!" to a Rohingya brother who survived Myanmar Genocide, Kutupalong Camp, Bangladesh, 7 Nov 2017.

Speaking on the Slow Burning Genocide of Rohingyas in Burma, with Professor Amartya Sen, Harvard University, Nov 2014

N. Ireland peace activist Mairead Maguire presenting Zarni with the Cultivation of Harmony Award on behalf of the Parliament of the World's Religions, Salt Lake City, USA 18 Oct 2015

Meeting with The Minister of Foreign Affairs Rt. Honourable Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, M.P., State Guest House, Dhaka, 4 Nov 2017

"National Traitor and Enemy of the State" for his opposition to Rohingya Genocide. Sun Rays, 16/9/17

The Rohingya Story Myanmar Government doesn't want the World to Know

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Since 1978 the Rohingya, a Muslim minority of Western Burma, have been subject to a state-sponsored process of destruction. The Rohingya have long historical roots in the borderlands of Rakhine State Myanmar and were recognized officially as both citizens and an ethnic group by three successive governments of post-independence Burma. 

In 1978 General Ne Win’s socialist military dictatorship launched the first large-scale campaign against the Rohingya in Rakhine State with the intent first of expelling them en masse from Western Burma and subsequently legalizing the systematic erasure of Rohingya group identity and legitimizing their physical destruction. 

This on-going process has continued to the present day under the civilian-military rule of President Thein Sein’s government. Since 2012, the Rohingya have been subject to renewed waves of hate campaigns and accompanying violence, killings and ostracization that aim both to destroy the Rohingya and to permanently remove them from their ancestral homes in Rakhine State. 

Findings from our three-year research on the plight of the Rohingya lead us to conclude that Rohingya have been subject to a process of slow-burning genocide over the past 35 years. The destruction of the Rohingya is carried out both by civilian populations backed by the state and perpetrated directly by state actors and state institutions. Both the State in Burma and the local community have committed four out of five acts of genocide as spelled out by the 1948 Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide and the Article 6, of the Rome Statute (2002).

Despite growing evidence of genocide, the international community has so far avoided calling this large scale human suffering ‘genocide’ because no powerful member states of the UN Security Council have any appetite to forego their commercial and strategic interests in Burma to address the slow-burning Rohingya genocide.

Myanmar's Official Rohingya Genocidal INTENT

Matt Smith, formerly Human Rights Watch researcher and author of the HRW report on the Rohingya ethnic cleansing in June and Oct 2012, -- - will be presenting the findings of his independent investigation of the leaked official Myanmar documents 

These leaked documents are said to have established the state's policy , in writing, - at both local and national levels - of discrimination, persecution, abuse and otherwise destruction of the ROHINGYA as a group, a community and a people in Western Burma. 

For time, date and venue - see the attached PDF. 

The government's official estimate puts the number of Myanmar's Rohingya at about 1.33 million. Only 40,000 hold citizenship or any legal documentation. 

Out of the 5 genocidal acts spelled out clearly in the Article 6, Rome Statute (july 2002 and 1948 Geneva Convention on the Crimes of Genocide), successive Burmese military governments since in 1970's have, verifiably, guilty of 4. 

The predominantly Buddhist society at large - the one that taught me the virtues of Metta (Buddhist term for 'universal loving kindness') is secondarily murderous towards the Rohingya through their popularly genocidal speeches, ideas, attitudes etc. 

I have co-authored a baseline study of the Rohingya persecution based on the findings from a 3-full year empirical research on this issue, interviews with the Rohingya, communications with ex-Burmese military officers including junior generals, religious leaders, human rights researchers, etc since 2011. 

The said study (27,000-words) will be published in the forthcoming issue of the Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal (Spring 2014), the University of Washington Law School - see

For those of us who have systematically studied the Rohingya persecution over at least 3 and a half decades, the above-mentioned leaked official documents only reinforce and lend further credibility to our definitive conclusion. 

The question is NOT whether Myanmar is committing a genocide against the Rohingya, but rather why has the international community, so-called, opted to NOT call the plight of the 1.33 million Rohingya by its proper name: genocide or more accurately, a slow-burning genocide. 

If you think the terms genocide or the slow-burning genocide are nothing but an activist spin to get the world's attention just have a look at the objective facts on the ground, which result from the official state policies - that is, THE INTENT: 


in the two largest pockets of Rohingya in the country - Buthidaung and Maung Daw, the doctor patient ratios are estimated to be: 76, 000: 1 (doc) and 83,000: 1 (doc) (national and local/provincial ratios are about 375:1 and 550:1 for non-Rohingya 

1. B

The Rohingya are NOT allowed to train in medical field, or any other professional disciplines.

2. 60,000 Rohingya children are not registered - in direct violation of the Right of the Child to have a nationality at birth. 

3. infant mortality rate and the mortality rate among children below 5 among the Rohingya children are also twice or thrice national average. 

4. over 80-90% of the Rohingya adults are illiterate in a country which won a UN-award for the eradication of illiteracy among adults. They are by and large denied access to schooling. 

5. over 140,000 are placed in semi-concentration camps where extraction of forced labor is rampant, sexual violence, summary execution and extortion are norms. 

6. out of a myriad of Burma's ethnic groups, the state has developed and attempted to enforced ethnic population control as a matter of policy, ONLY AMONG the Rohingya - both through severe marriage restrictions and in many cases forced sterilization 

7. law enforcement agencies throughout the Rohingya regions of Western Burma enjoy TOTAL AND BLANKET IMMUNITY from whatever persecutorial acts the former may engage in - rape, gang-rape, execution, abduction, daily abuses, threats, intimidations, etc - 24/7 and year round. 

8. the Rohingya who are NOT put in the semi-concentration camps have been living in a total of 11 security grids with heavily armed guarded posts, and their physical movements even between one community to the other are closely monitored, controlled and forbidden at the pleasure of both central and local state authorities. 

9. Myanmar governments regularly deny any wrong doings while covering up its mass atrocities against the Rohingya and disposes countless number of dead bodies of the murdered or slaughtered Rohingya - male, female, children and elderly 

10. empirically, Myanmar governments, in close collaboration of the local Nazi-inspired segments of the Rakhine Buddhists and backed by the popularly genocidal Buddhist public, have long attempted to deny, restrict or otherwise make it difficult for the delivery of any humanitarian aid, including basic survival food, to the Rohingya. 

11. these Myanmar governments are found to be engaged in a pattern of systematic and verifiable attempts aimed at the destruction of the social and economic foundations of the Rohingya community at large over the past nearly 40 years. 

12. the destruction of the Rohingya as a group, in whole or in part, began with Burma/Myanmar government's deliberate erasure/destruction of their identity, both self-referential and formerly officially recognized, as ROHINGYA - as early as 1982. (through the Rakhine-nationalist-inspired Citizenship Act of 1982 enacted under General Ne Win's one-man dictatorial rule - 1962-88). 

12. Talking about them as simply 'citizenship-less' or 'stateless-people' is to look at the symptom of the state-sponsored slow-burning genocide which began in the late 1970's with the first state-directed large scale wave of repression of the Rohingya. 

13. No UN agencies, no foreign power, 'Eastern' or 'Western', no multilateral organizations, no reputable academics or lawyers are calling the Rohingya genocide a genocide - because, as Human Rights Watch's 12-page report in 1993, put it - and I am paraphrasing it - there is no strategic gains or commercial benefits from ending the Rohingya's suffering! 

Successive waves of ground staff of international and UN agencies, especially those with even the rudimentary understanding of the Genocide Convention - KNOW first hand this: what they have witnessed about the plight of the Rohingya most definitely amounts to a GENOCIDE. However, as a matter of policy, UN gags its staff, both local and international. 

The United Nations agencies around the world are well-documented to trade their silence in exchange for access to the country - access to do what? put a band-aid in a cancerously genocidal context??? 

Now thanks to FortifyRights and its founder Matt Smith, the world will see first hand the documentary evidence behind the Rohingya genocide.

The world, especially the governing global institutions, must bear the responsibility to protect the 1.33 million Rohingya when Myanmar itself is the main genocidal perpetrator. 

Further, the new documentary evidence should reshape or re-shape significantly the argument about the Rohingya - from the simply 'religious' or 'sectarian' to the GOVERNMENT(s) of Burma or that the violence against the Rohingya is an unfortunate but 'not unnatural part of any democratic opening of formerly closed societies - the argument that has been put into circulation by individuals, governments and organizations (for instance, the International Crisis Group, Indonesia, etc. ) that want to cozy up to the Burmese regime which is neither democratic nor transitional - in any meaningful sense of the words. 

That means the partnering foreign governments and businesses, UN agencies, international financial institutions can be considered, in theory and practice, culpable - BOTH the Obama Admin and David Cameron government, for instance and complicit in the genocide of the Rohingya. 

Never again! will remain a cheap slogan as long as the international community, especially those who run global governing institutions, look the other way when ending the genocidal plight of the Rohingya is considered to have no strategic or commercial value.

Astro Awani interview with Dr. Maung Zarni and Saiful Huq Omi

Astro Awani interview with Dr. Maung Zarni and Saiful Huq Omi

"Our Ethnic Nationality Brothers and Sisters, the Rohingya citizens", Burma's Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, Brigadier General Aung Gyi, at the surrender ceremony of the Mujahadeen separatists in Western Burma, July 1961

May Yu Special Issue, Khit Yay Journal, Ministry of Defence, the Union of Burma, 15 July 1961

The special issue covers the news of the surrender of the Mujahadeen separatist movement. The Vice Chief of Staff of the Burma's Armed Forces Brigadier Aung Gyi attended the surrender ceremony. 

The majority of the Rohingya supported and collaborated with the central Burmese government, especially with the Armed Forces, in opposing any separatist movement. 

The result was the collapse of the armed separatist movement and the eventual surrender of the Mujahadeen leadership.

The Union of Burma Government duly recognized the Rohingya people's contribution in keeping the territorial integrity of Western Burma where they were administered in a special district called 'May Yu'.

Mistreated by and unwelcome in the formerly East Pakistan and now Bangladesh, the Rohingya have been loyal and attached to their birthplace - Burma/Myanmar.

In contrast, the Rakhine strongly hold independence aspirations, resent the Burmese for having destroyed their kingdom in 1785, abused and colonized them and demand greater autonomy.

The central military strategists have for the longest time played the Rohingya against the Rakhine.

In this episode of the country's history, the Rohingya were described rather positively as 'our national brethen the Rohingya citizens'.

Mr Thein Sein, No Rohingya?: Myanmar's Official Genocidal Lies begin to crumble

The genocidal lies of Myanmar's successive regimes since Ne Win's one-man dictatorship in the 1970s.

This official document which appears to be a 2014 Census guidelines or manual for census takers officially mentions the Rohingya.

Let's see what the ruling liars in generals' shirts or silk skirts have been saying and what their testicle licking experts such as Dr Kyaw Yin Hlaing and Dr Myo Myint, my former friend and old history tutor respectively, have been helping butcher.

“We don’t have the term ‘Rohingya’”. Myanmar President Thein Sein, Chatham House, London, July 15, 2013[1]

[1] David Mepham, Dispatches: Burma – “Excuse me, Mr President” …Human Rights Watch, July 19, 2013,


[1] In Foreign Minister, Wunna Maung Lwin’s statement on September 13, 2013 to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, he stated,“It is necessary to understand the general sentiment of the people of Myanmar. While they are ready, and as it has been the case, to accept those who meet the criteria of the 1982 Citizenship Law as citizens, they do not accept the term 'Rohingya' which has never existed in the country's history.

[1] See Statement by H.E. U Wunna Maung Lwin, UN Human Righst Council, Sept. 13, 2013. 


In a Foreign Ministry press release dated February 21, 1992, Ohn Gyaw stated, "Historically, there has never been a “Rohingya” race in Myanmar… Since the first Anglo-Myanmar War in 1824, people of Muslim faith from the adjacent country illegally entered Myanmar Naing-Ngan, particularly Rakhine State. Being illegal immigrants they do not hold immigration papers like other nationals of the country.”

See UN Report on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, prepared by Mr. Yozo Yokota, Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights, in accordance with Commission resolution 1992/58 UN doc: E/CN.4/1993/37, para 41., Feb. 17, 1993


The Nazi-inspired Rakhine are nothing more than a tool of the Bama militarists, in this strategic game where they have long been pitted against the Rohingya (and vice versa).

“How can it be ethnic cleansing? They are not an ethnic group.” Mr Win Myaing, the official spokesperson of Rakhine State Government, Reuters, May 15, 2013

Reuters, Special Report - In Myanmar, apartheid tactics against minority Muslims, May 15, 2013, [hereinafter cited as Reuters, “Special Report - In Myanmar, apartheid tactics, 2013”],

Mr Win Myaing is a Buddhist Rakhine official spokesperson of Rakhine State Government. 


The Rakhine Violence Inquiry Commission, headed by Kyaw Yin Hlaing and Myo Myint, the two students of Benedict OG Anderson of "Imagined Communities" fame, not only whitewashed the instrumental role of the government but also, rather unimaginatively, blamed the Rohingya whom they refer to using a genocidally racist term 'Bengali", for making the crisis worse by insisting on being known by their own identity - Rohingya.

Myanmar's official genocide begins with and aims at the destruction of the Rohingya as an ethnical, national and religious group as governmentally and societally possible as the 21st century world allows it. 

The ICG's self-interested fools would write utterly stupid and dishonest reports that mischaracterize the one-sided destruction of the Rohingya as 'communal violence' 'normal in transitional processes' whereas in fact the genocide began in 1978.

ASEAN's immoral politicians such as Australian National University-trained former Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty N whom I met when he was ambassador to London and a Muslim himself - despicably joined in this dishonest framing of the one-sided and multi-decade destruction of the Rohingya Muslims as 'communal or religious or sectarian violence.