What drives Norway's "peace" project in Burma? Exchange with Eric Solheim

Who is Erik Solheim? Why should the Burmese public pay attention to this man and Oslo? What is his record at 'peace making'?

Here is the man from Oslo who failed the oppressed Tamil people and their resistance, Oslo's chief negotiator. 

Solheim was the man who patronized yet another failed 'peace initiative' - - Myanmar Peace Support Initiative (MPSI). The MPSI has a few wacky consultants - such as Ashley South who argues, quite disgustingly to me, that the Karen resistance organizations want to prolong the Burmese Army's war against the Karens because the leaders are profiting from the deadly wars AND Richard Horsey who has been writing analyses as an ICG consultant, with a verifiably pro-regime spin on just about every Myanmar topics - 2010 elections, the genocide of the Rohingya, and the reforms. 

If you wish to read an atypically diplomatically worded but essentially scathing and truthful analysis of Norway's Myanmar Peace Support Initiative here is the link - 

Back to Solheim, my sources in Scandinavia told me that it was Solheim who gave away the whereabouts of the LTTE leader the slain Prabhakaran to Sri Lanka's genocidal regime. ( I don't have means to triangulate this serious accusation). Colombo sprayed on Prabhakaran's 12 years-old innocent son who really was captured, subsequently fed lunch and shot dead shortly after the boy ate lunch. 

After his dismal record at 'peace making' in Sri Lanka, Solheim morphed into an early cheer leader coming under Than Myint-U's spell and that of Charles Petrie (and Richard Horsey).

Over the past 20 years, Norway's peace initiatives have consistently failed - heard of Oslo Accord which the Edward Said bitterly and rightly opposed?? and Sri Lanka's eradication of the Tamil resistance?

Norway's Nobel Peace Institute - nominally politically independent from the Norwegian government - have made politically motivated and utterly repugnant choices for its peace laureates, distorting the idea of peace and the standards against which deeds of a peace maker and peace promoter should be judged. 

(While projecting itself as 'the world's leader exporter of peace', upon a closer examination a different story emerged: Norway, once an open collaborator with Hitler's regime, has consistently behaved as a coy lap dog of the United States, and its computer firms have supplied weapons parts, for instance, for the F-16 and other US-made fighter-bombers. The other quiet collaborators are Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. Only the Danes really fought back the Nazis.) 

Here is my exchange with the man who successfully secured billions of dollars worth of telecommunication contract for Telenor, tried to kick start, with the British Government, venture capital investment in Myanmar's once lucrative rice agricultural sector, and spinned for Naypyidaw, while ignoring the fact that his business partners - Burmese generals and ex-generals - have been in charge of the Rohingya genocide of 35 years. 

For those who may be concerned about the Chinese-owned Myitsone Dam construction - and all hydro-power projects in the Mekong Region (Greater Mekong Sub-region) you need to know that it is the dodgy Norwegian National Consulting firm named "Noj Consult" which drew up the ADB-World Bank-funded 'cross border electricity trading scheme through dam projects. Noj Consult and Norwegian ministries have a revolving door, and Noj Consult was sued for dodgy deals and acts of bribery in African countries. 


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