What and who is driving Myanmar's 969 neo-Nazi Buddhist Campaign against Muslims and the Rohingya

For several years now, I have been arguing the real driver behind the emergence of neo-Nazi Buddhist movement is the STATE and its military leaders. 

But the stupid mass media and dishonest foreign diplomats in Rangoon and in the world's capitals have been ignoring the elephant in the room, and pressing on with their fiction of 'sectarian violence' between Buddhists and Muslims and the Rakhines and the Rohingya. 

As in Nazi Germany, these genocidal situations always have external enablers - in Burma's cases, the corporate mass media, the corporate-controlled Western governments and autocratic ASEAN regimes have been playing this Nazi-enabler role. 

I am powerless to stop this pathetic political game internationally. But the least I can do is to scream foul and record things as I KNOW them.

#Myanmar patronizes anti #Islam 969 #Nazi #Buddhist campaign: "keep #TheinSein in power. Oppose #AungSanSuuKyi"

#Myanmar #Buddhist monks look to theocratic #Iran & feudal #Saudi Arabia, the two enemies, as a model for Buddhists, & oppose #AungSanSuuKyi

#Myanmar monks and their neo-Nazi "#Buddhism" only political instrument for President Thein Sein & military @AssedBaig @drzarni @Vpedrosa

Keep President Thein Sein in power, Do not vote for Aung San Suu Kyi

- Leading Buddhist monks including the Nazi 969 monks and 969-sympathizers such as Thidagu Abbot, the Mandalay Conference on the 'Defense of Race and Faith', 

Listen here:

Here is emerging the real two-fold logic behind mobilization of Buddhist public opinion AGAINST Islam and in favor of (Bama version) Buddhism.

This monk Rev. Aeindaparla, with the highest (traditional Buddhist) honor/degree - after learning the Tripidaka of the 3 baskets of all Buddhist cannons) - spelled out his political vision for the country:

1) I support Wirathu's teacher Thi-da-gu Abbot's view - that the public should vote to keep current President Thein Sein in 2015 (as opposed to Aung San Suu Kyi)

2) the majority of the Buddhist electorate knows ASSK's view towards Buddhism: she wants to internationalize and make our social and cultural life cosmopolitan. 

3) we are a 80% Buddhist majority country. we want a President who will privilege our Buddhism above all other faiths. look at Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim countries and the type of pro-Islam leaders they pick 

(Zarni's remark: this learned monk is incredibly ignorant about the fact that in those places people do NOT have the right to choose their own leaders or shape their own political systems).

There is no cure for Myanmar's genocidal racism against the Muslims and the Rohingya.


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