Let's celebrate Mandala's passing!

I am not mourning for Mandela's death. 
He was 95, for god's sake. 
Pop your favorite drinks, alcohol or non-alcohol, or your favorite drugs - caffine or coke. 

Start street parties in all the capitals of the world - or any town for that matter. 

Drink, smoke, sniff, fuck to Mandela's long and fully-lived life. 

His was a life to be celebrated - not mourned. 

That's what Hunter Thomson would say, were he alived today. (He left a will to all his friends asking them to throw a party after he took his own life in Aspen, Colorado). 

Don't waste your tears for Mandela. Save them for some poor abused migrant workers, or human rights activists tortured to death somewhere RIGHT NOW, or a journalist shot dead for trying to do his or her job.


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