An overview of Myanmar's 'Democratic Transition" and "Economic Reforms"

What many a Myanmar pundits and plaudits - college interns are also welcome to call themselves "Myanmar experts', not just the ICG's gentlemen - have described as 'transition' 'reforms' is best captured by the above Burmese saying - hounds at the village pagoda feast.

Imagine this: 

hounds with streams of saliva dripping down from their hanging tongues, with big and small lustful eyes against the backdrop of differently sized bones scattered on the ground. ugly and handsome dogs, feasting, occasionally scaring off other scavenging fellow founds, while wagging their tales feasting over a piece of meat, biting a piece of meat off a big knee bone, etc. 

Last night I learned from two businessmen - that Teza, the crony and arms dealer for the Burmese regime per excellence who, after having amassed enough ill-gotten wealth has decided to morph himself into a patriotic philanthropist, has been given Pyi-htaung-Su Yeik Thar - a massive once highly coveted housing complex in Rangoon reserved only for senior ranking civil servants. 

Most of state-own properties - that is, assets belonging to the PEOPLE or the public - have been fast-pocketed by the members of the crony-general/ex-general complex. 

This systematic day-light robbery is being branded by Myanmar experts with different sizes and shapes of their tails as 'transition' 'reform process'. 

After 51 years since General Ne Win transformed the State and the government in Burma, for worse, we have become a classic tale of Khwe Hpa Ya Bwe Twe Dae or hungry hounds stumbling into a village pagoda feast! 

among the hungry and ugly hounds are cronies, presidential advisers, peace advisers, ceasefire negotiators, civil society builders, state capacity enhancers, we-want-no-Rohingya "human rights defenders", i-aint-a-human-rights-defender human rights Nobel icon, give-me-ceasefire-or-give-me-BMW-and Bentley-import-permits ethnic nationalities leaders, and the list goes on. 

all epoch changing situations attract crooks of all stripes and colours to crawl out of their holes, find their niche, make their fortune and attempt to realize their 'greatness' or 'brilliance'. Japan Khit again! kinda like the early days of the fall of Mandalay - many Kinwun Maung Kaungs these days! 

Obviously, I feel sorry for myself that I am left out of this feast!!! LOL! Even the guys I vetted for the military intelligence are now growing in size - in terms of delusions, ambitions and self-importance! 

Their names will be recorded in a book in Buddhist Hell made of dog's skin' - as we kids say in Mandalay during the water festival! 

But again dogs being recorded in dog-skinned book, that's a given! Enjoy your Sunday! I am enjoying mine, taking another dose of cold tablets!


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