A World Without Hegemony

I am most delighted to observe that no sane man and woman I know of has any faith in or illusions about the existing global powers, their polemics and politics. 

We no longer live in a world of any HEGEMONIC power, 'East' or 'West'. 

The continued reference to the United States as the 'hegemon' - coming from the *generally* intellectually depth-less crowd - strategic studies, policy studies, international relations, political science, etc. - is both rubbish and fantastical. 

No one in their right mind - with average intelligence - would buy into the 'rhetoric of anti-Terror, democracy and human rights' from the imperialist power that has begun its inevitable self-destruction, namely the United States. Nor is there anyone I know of who embraces empty words of 'harmony, brother-hood and friendship' shamelessly recited by Beijing. None really respects the 3 other permanent Security Council members for their leadership, humanism, and a global vision, or lack thereof. India is a Civilization only in name - and by its distant past. 

Ideologically, no one takes seriously this 'MDG' trash, including the 'eradication of extreme poverty' - whatever that means. Nowadays there is no power, no institution, no country that has hegemonic power that captures human minds. 

Not a bad thing. 

It's called 'empirical wisdom' of the masses - not cynicism. 

Name a leader or a leading organization that has earned your respect or admiration. I can't. Maybe you can.


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