Yale has gone Y-I-K-E-S!: Yale-NUS Travel Program, Educational, or revolting?

Yale University's Revolting "Educational" Trip to Myanmar with an exciting Side Trip to Yale-NUS 

Experience plasticity and gates of hell - only for less than US$10,000. 

If Singapore is plastic and depthless, Myanmar is the closest thing to Hell on Earth and Rodin's Gates of Hell (2013 version).

Here is a lovely travel brochure. How exciting that well-to-do tourists will be making a side trip to Singapore and visit the Yale-NUS college program as well!!

Can someone please tell Professor Sarah Weiss that there may not be Auschwitzes and Dachaus in "Myanmar", but things in Burma are not as rosy and exciting as this neo-Orientalist and voyeuristic Yale adventure travel brochure put it?

From my perspective and out of professional tourism experience as a former special assistant to the manager in tour operations in the then Tourist Burma, the sole tour agency in the whole of Burma in the socialist era, I could help develop a more exciting program:

1) Rohingya genocide tourism 

visits to semi-Concentration camps which are generally dotted with mass graves of the Rohingya summarily executited

torched mosques and madrasas in Rakhine state, Rangoon, Meikhtila and about 12 other locations

2) 969 Special tours 

a visit to the neo-Nazi incubators called "Buddhist" monasteries led by 969 monks

a rare face-to-face encounter with the Nazi-monk Wirathu, TIME-honored "Face of Buddhist Terror" and President Thein Sein's 'noble man with a message of peace and loving kindness. 

3) Let-padaung Taung tour 

a visit to the protest site where 100-plus Buddhist monks were firebombed by the Burmese troops at 2:30 am, who in turn was acting on the strategic urging by and on the wages of the Chinese mining authorities

4) land-grab tours

a visit to the lands where farmers are kicked out and which Burma's military-crony-China complex has taken over

5) meet the prisoners

a tea session with the country's trophy human rights defenders who stopped defending human rights and talking rubbish about 'state building' 'capacity building' 'national security' 'reforms' and so on - without a real understanding of what they are talking about beyond parroting faddish and half-baked concepts fed by the 'donors'

5) walking tours of Burma's mine fields

a once-in-a-life time trekking trip among the country's vast active war zones of Shan, Kachin, Karen, Karenni and Mon regions 

(life insurance is necessary. ICG (American Insurance Group) is highly recommended as it has been providing insurance (to slave-owners) since the time of American Slavery in the 18th century.

6) an audio-guided tour of 54 University Avenue 

a stop at Burma's heart of the fashion industry and a museum of world's human rights and peace awards 

(this is the highlight of the democracy tour where world class hypocrisy and delusions of personal grandeur merge into one. 

you can enjoy the creativity of the Burmese fashion designers reflective of the traditional attire of lovely, upper crust, western-educated "Buddhist" women)

Taboos: do not mention the words 'Rohingya', women's lib, Chinese mining, land grabs, the Tatmadaw, the War against the Kachin. 

Have a nice and exciting visit to Myanmar.

If Singapore is so plastic and depthless, Myanmar is the closest thing to Hell on Earth and Rodin's Gates of Hell re-enactment. 


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