Watch this: Hunting Muslims in Rakhine State, Myanmar or Burma, 1-5 October 2013.

The above is a sample scene where a group of young anti-Muslim ultra-nationalist Rakhine killers, on foot, hunting Muslims in Thandwe township, Arakan or Rakhine Province, Western Burma. (taken between 30 Sept and 4 Oct 2013).

Some look like they are still in their teens. They are apparently armed with various primitive weapons - swords, rods, sharpened sticks, etc., walking around or going on trucks.

Notice the flags symbolizing Buddhist Faith or Sasana/Thathana Flag flying in some spots.
One young man with a red head gear is seen briefly explaining what they were doing:
hunting down Muslim residents in a Thandwe neighborhood, burning down their houses and killing their livestock if there was no human Muslims in their dwellings.

the government troops - it sounds from a barely audible audio - were said to be "biased in favor of those perpetrators from the same Buddhist faith and 'race''. 

As chilling and excruciating as it may sound some of the worst atrocities in the world have reportedly been committed by teenagers whose anger, frustration and hatred have been manipulated and unleashed by the political players.    (Many of Pol Pot's executioners and torturers were Red Khmer teenagers - and so were many ruthless armies in Africa).


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