The latest official mention of the Rohingya - 1990 election cleared by SLORC and broadcast on state TV and radio

Chit Lwin, U (1991) National Human Rights and Democracy Party Chairman's Election Speech. Broadcast on the official Burma Broadcasting Service (both TV and Radio), 11 April 1990. In Ministry of Information (ed) (Election) Speeches by Political Parties. pp. 112-114. Rangoon: Ministry of Information The Guardian and The Mirror Publishing. 

The actual mention of the Rohingya as a Taiyintha and citizen was made on p.114.

This is the party founded by a 'certain ethnic nationality group' within the Rakhine State, on the principle of ethnic equality - and non-secession - among all the residing citizens and Tainyinthar incluing the Rohingya, the Rakhine, Karman, Myanmar Gyi, Chin, etc.


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