Metta for "Mus"?!! You must be kidding!: A New Myanmar and its "Buddhist" Tales

In our Myanmar A-wee-zi (an abode of Buddhist Hell)

Brother, tell your beloved "Kalars"
'Neither "Mus" roaches nor "Bangali" viruses
are welcome' here.

In our Golden Land

You may no longer find Kipling's 'flying fishes'
But there are generals still lying
And monks frying the "roaches"
In the midst of these sitting ducks
Amidst "Kalar-haters" and ethnic cleansers
Waiting until the next terror has struck

Let me tell ya
We are a nation of nationalist "Buddhists".
Don't ever forget
Gotama and Asoka were greatest Buddhist "nationalists".
We now have our Hpone Hpon (the Ven.) "bin Laden"
With his shaven head and serene looks

He is our national hero in place of your 'fallen (liberal) idol'
Mighty is he, commanding 3,000-strong Buddhist monastery
amongst the Order of 500,000.

Hear our Osama out:
"Honestly, I felt I wanted to fight weapons with weapons. I am a Burmese bin Laden".

Metta for "Mus"?!!   You must be kidding!

"Yes, Wirathu is our learned Brother", so I have been told by a 'socially engaged monk'.
Our Myanmar's Osama,
Foremost bin Laden, a son of "Buddhist" Laden
A peaceful son of Gotama the Enlightened

The Reverend ain't "the Face of Buddhist Terror".
How dare that Hannah 'Bitch' calls him 'terrorist'
He ain't scared of you "lying journalists"!

Source: Al Jazeera The Stream 
Serene is his looks, soft-spoken is he, and mild are his manners
Preaching "Buddhist" peace
the peace of the wolf guarding the faith against the "Mus"!

"Brother, No peace for 'Mus'!"

The kind our Our Norway-financed patron-generals  are pursuing
With the Kachins, the Karens, the Shan, the Mon and all the rest.
Wolves' peace with the sheep

We are indeed a peace-loving nation
We even named our old capital "End of Strife", or Yangon
Making peace-deals
Committing pogroms of 'mad dogs', the 'Mus'
left, right and center.

Make no mistake.  We are under attack, Brother.

Even our Right Honorable Dissident Brother Win Tin agrees:
"... international community is siding with the Muslims (in Myanmar)".

Our business-friendly version of peace, the global peace industry seeks.
And smart Oslo sees the value of Myanmar peace.
Yes, peace be with Telenor, Statoil, Coke and Unilever. 

Brothers from Oslo and London, will you please stand up
And identify your bids, Telenor or otherwise.

Don't forget the gas, BAE, Unilever,  - and the Interfaith
In that order,
As the Rt Honourable Blair might have whispered to our leaders's ears
Source: Daily Mail 

But, Tutu the Bishop, you just wasted your ethical lines and our precious Vipassana (meditation) time
Preaching peace on our Muslim apartheid and
Calling for an end to our "Bangali" pogroms.
Ah, "Mus", what do they know about peace?

Peace is for Pacification!

Immigration and Man Power Minister ex-Brigadier Khin Yi in front of a purpose-made painting which depicts Myanmar's Nazi-like policy "Our race will not disappear because the earth swallows us.  But it will, if we allow other races to swallow us".  (Myanmar has adopted and institutionalized anti-Islam policies since the military rule was instituted in 1962.  The Armed Forces have been "cleansed of Muslims" (and to a lesser extent) Christians from any and all strategic and important positions). 
In our patriotic Armed Forces
We have another 500,000 of our patron-brothers.
And they shout:
No to Compassion or "Metta for the 'Mus'!" 
Yes to "2-child Eugenic" for the roaches!

Even our human rights defenders would shout, 
"National Security" First, "Human Rights" last!

"No 'Mus' No pogroms", we all say in unison.

Our reverend monks say out loud:

Sadu/Thadu, sadu/Thadu, Sadu/Thadu
 Or good-deeds have been done. 'Well-done! Well-done! Well-done!

You see, there we are with our un-broken bond
Our Myanmar "Buddhist" bond of shared
ignorance, bigotry, and national "Buddhist" delusions

United we are
In the Bama "Buddhist" delusions
In defense of our "Buddhist" nation
Protecting forever our 'not-so-intelligent' women.

Sisters, we have an additional Sixth Precept:
Thou shall not mate nor procreate with your Muslim mates. 
 Not legally.

Yes, our "Buddhist" nation, right or wrong.
Our pro-peace President, right or wrong
Our Rakhine brothers, Nazi or not.

No matter that we are a nation
On the verge of a Bosnia-like self-destruction
While keeping the 130,000 Rohingya
On the verge of near-famine in their camps of semi-concentration
We are not even counting the 110,000 Kachins, 300,000 Karen and Karenni, 12,000 Muslims
All displaced and down-trodden
Half-starved and terrorized by our brothers in Armed Forces

Never mind all that
Our "Buddhist" 'frontier market' is up for grab
Which "donor-investors" throw money to get
While our communal hopes get dashed.  

We say, in our "frontier Ah-wee-zi"
"Hell with "Human Rights""
No Compassion for 'Mus'"

You may rejoice, or you may rejoice
But Gotama Buddha is always on our side!
Yes, Lord is always on Myanmar's side!

We sure can count on the members
of our bigoted-enough intelligentsia
Yes, the "silence of our Myanmar Lambs"
Where art thou -
Bama artists, painters, cartoonists, writers, journalists, poets, inside and in diaspora ??

Our 'donor'-financed cilvil society
of racist Buddhists
And our western-educated pimpish pragmatists
In the shadow of iconic Peace'Nobelist'
Working with President "Nobel Peace short-list"
With her mantra of Rule, Rule, (racist) "Rule of Law"

"Buddhist" Racism?
No such thing here, Sister.
Only peaceful Buddhists, defending our faith
We ain't scared of ICC, We ain't concerned about your TIME.

poisoned by 50 years of the murderous Ar-nar-yoo mya (the crazed power-mongers)
mis-led by the noble dissidents
screwed by outside corporate interests
ill-served by the Orwellian media hype:  
Hollywood's Lady is the nation's Mummy,
Regime trickery is reforms,
Peace means (Telenor) Phones.
National Destruction is Sequential Democratization.
Despair is Hope.
Business Deal is peace.
Rohingya Pogroms are freeing up the land
Our Buddhist land for our National Development!
Source: Al Jazeera English

All this, we call 'discipline flourishing democracy'
Washington's proxy project it as Myanmar's "Half-baked" Democracy

But who cares, really?  
We are Buddhists.

All things pass.
Nothing is permanent
That is,nothing except your corporate interests!

Source: Coca-Cola opens Myanmar bottling plant while teaching the Myanmar people how to sip with  the Rt Honorable  Madam Albright from Albright-Stonebridge leads the way

So Madam Albright, give me your Coke, or give me Death!
We are a backward people "who have never had a sip".
It would really be a bliss!
Yes, we want Coke, lots and lots of it.
Ah, Mr Solheim, don't forget to bring Oslo's Statoil.
now that Telenor is in.
Soros' bid is out.
What's all this fuss about
federalism and ethnic peace!

Come, Come, come to our Golden Land
Peace can wait.  Peace must wait.
Sell your Coke to our Cokeless-people
And drill all that gas and oil.
Till the end of our genocidal Arakan coastal line.

C is for Coke
And D is Democracy
Coke always come before Democracy.
Peace is for (Telenor) Phones. 

This is our A-awee-zi (or an abode in the"Buddhist" Hells)
Our Myanmar is a state in A-wee-zi
Our country is a state of A-wee-zi
We are following our Myanmar way to A-wee-zi

Ah, but "there ain't no space for good men (and women) in our Buddhist hell.
Not for the sane
Not for the truthful
Not for the compassionate
Certainly nor for the "Mus" nor for the Bangali "roaches"

This is our Golden "Buddhist" Land
And ours and ours only
Of Crooks, Cons, Cronies and Criminals
Camouflaged as philanthropists, pragmatists, peace-makers, patriots, and advisory pimps
In the service of presidential aspirants.

Baby-Cronies are taking up philanthropy, thanks to the crony-laundering Nobel Lady.
While Daddy-Generals in their new snake' skins grab a second chance.
Old regimes were bad.  We are a new blood.
Say "Peace"! And shout "Poverty Reduction"!
Smile for the cameras.
Hit the right 'Development' node.
Wait for the global applause.

No matter what, our Lord Buddha always loves us.

Peace be with you, Brother.  


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