The Pogroms against Myanmar Muslims and the Rohingya have only begun.

In 23 June-dated Burmese language statementPresident Thein Sein reportedly defended 969, the certifiably anti-Islam hate group as a "peaceful" campaign while lashing out against TIME for running a Cover Story "The Face of Buddhist Terror" in its 1 July issue, with a mug shot of the country's most notorious, but widely popular anti-Muslim demagogue and ex-criminal convict in Saffron robe - Wirathu.

This presidential stance is consistent with the official, collective view of the Presidential Inquiry Commission on the Violence in Rakhine State contained in its whitewash report released in April this year.

Both Thein Sein and Wirathu are TIME-"honored" men, one in ex-general's clothing and another in Saffron disguise.  They both look serene, mild-mannered and soft-spoken.  But do not be fooled by the appearances.  These men are lethal and liars.

At the risk of being dismissed as 'conspiracy theorist', I have argued that the ruling military has been the main culprit behind the mass violence against all Muslims of Myanmar and the official sponsor of the ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity against the Rohingya since in 1978.

My contention has always been anchored on my first-hand knowledge of the Burmese generals, their oft-cited "mindset", their opaque inner workings, as well as my 25-years of research on this Black Hole of Myanmar.  

Before anyone who is now advising and consulting western businesses and government, I had gone inside the belly of the beast, and what I saw, smelled and picked up was nasty, racist, Neanderthal and conspiratorial - against the people.    

Besides having come from an extended military family in Mandalay, whose members include Senior General Than Shwe's first-ever commanding officer who married him and his wife Kyaing Kyaing and the late dictator General Ne Win's VIP pilot, from 2004-08 until Cyclone Nargis I worked in good faith and out of disgust with Washington's hypocritical Burma policies and disillusionment with what I already knew to be a failed leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi, with 3 powerful heads of Burmese military intelligence.

Since its inception in 1960s, the Burmese generals have armed drug warlords such as the late Law Sit Han (or Lo Sing Han) of Kokant Han Chinese in Northern Shan State or the Wa now Eastern Myanmar while granting them 'ethnic militia' or 'Special Adminstration' status in exchange for the latter's services as semi-official-intelligence gatherers and armed buffers against genuinely ethnic minority resistance fighters.

Playing one ethnic group or faith-based community against another is the stuff of the colonial and imperial powers.  When an alien power rules over multiethnic colonized 'natives' then seeing ethnic and religious conflicts as the direct outcome of imperial 'divide-and-rule' policies. 

As early as the end of the WWII and the re-establishment of the short-lived British colonial rule in 1945, no one other than the late Aung San, the principal architect of Burma's independence had openly argued that the ruling British were deliberately stirring up racial and ethnic tensions, with the purpose of de-stabilizing the colonial Burma on the verge of national independence.

Aung San's in-your-face analysis of the Raj can be applied equally to the current tensions-soaked Myanmar in the transition led by the internally colonial government whose ultimate power rests in the hands of the active duty generals. 

For precisely this divide-de-stabilize-and-rule is the strategies of all successive Myanmar military governments in power since 1962.  For nothing like multiethnic unity and harmony will diminish the society's reliance on the State's armed forces for their physical safety.   

Despite the discernible finger-prints on the mass crime scene, which the predominantly "Buddhist" Myanmar has become, for the Rohingya and the Myanmar Muslims, the international media, the experts, the investors, the diplomats, etc have remain incredulous of the instrumental role the state in Myanmar and its managerial generals have been playing in the pogroms against the Muslims and the genocide and ethnocide of the Rohingya.   

In due course, the world will realize the skeptics of the hyped up 'reforms' in Myanmar and 'conspiracy theorists' - that is, a significant section of the Burmese who live the painful realities of the country and skeptics knew what they were talking about.

However, I don't really think the international media and consultants are that stupid or naive to view the regime as 'innocent bystanders' unable to stop the pogroms and rise of Nazi 'Buddhist' campaign. Nor do they have high empirical standards against which the instrumental role of the State in Myanmar in the organized mass violence against the Rohingya and since March this year all Muslims there.  

The more accurate answer for the West choosing to ignore the elephant in the room is this:

the need to bring its ailing economies out of the ditch and contain China's rise, the Western Establishment - including academics, experts, consultants, editors, policy makers, diplomats and so on - are unprepared to address Myanmar's genocidal Nazi like situation on the ground, beyond making the right noises.  

Certainly, western governments and investors alike are not prepared to wake up to the reality that the main culprit behind the neo-Nazi Buddhist campaign against the Muslims and the Rohingya is really their new found business and strategic partners in Naypyidaw. 

A recent German Government's attempt to object to the characterization 'neo-Nazi' in an internal German language memo where the author accurately and honestly described the rise of 'Buddhist extremism' and attendant mass violence was as 'Nazi-like' speaks volume about where the West stands on the Rohingya and Muslim pogroms in Myanmar.

The Europeans are indeed not alone in their refusal to accept the nasty reality - that their business partner in Naypyidaw led by ex-General Thein Sein and ex-General Thura Shwe Mann, formerly #5 and #3 ranking leaders in Than Shwe's food chain, are genocidal criminals against the Rohingya, Muslims, the Christian Kachins and other ethnic nationalities.  

The senior American diplomats in Rangoon were extremely hostile even to the Human Rights Watch's careful choice of words 'ethnic cleansing' of the Rohingya.  One diplomat even went on to chastise the HRW as 'having gone too far this time'.   

So, what we are witnessing in Myanmar today is a case where a double-impunity is being granted. 

Myanmar government grants 969 neo-Nazi Buddhist campaign against the Muslims a total impunity while itself enjoying the impunity from the international community, including Western governments, the mainstream media the likes of Time, New York Times, and so on.

With powerful players looking actively the other way and explaining away the mass violence against the Muslims and the Rohingya as 'a dark side of Myanmar's opening' or part and parcel of greater freedoms of speech, the pogroms against Muslims and the Rohingya will worse. 

In fact, they have only begun.  


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