Myanmar's Emerging Radical Voices against the State-led "Buddhist" Hate Campaign

Some of the radical (read truthful) voices in Burmese society are beginning to speak out LOUD AND CLEAR against the existing dictatorship with Thein Sein as a puppet president, 28 June 2013

his name is U Htay Nyunt, and obviously connected to the NLD as he said towards the end he was responsible for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's security during an upcountry trip to the old British colonial hill station/summer resort and now the Army town Pyin Oo Lwin or May Myo.

The gist of his remarks:

1) stop wasting your time looking for circumstantial evidence and fringe groups. we see the big elephant in the room that is responsible for all the instabilities. Are you still looking for elephant footprints with a pair of magnifying glasses

2) Who was behind Kyauk-ni-maw Crisis? (the story of an alleged rape and murder of a Buddhist woman which triggered the Rohingya cleansing and anti-Muslim pogroms)

3) in the past 20- plus years these men have misruled the country and did everything they wanted . they want to carry out doing what they have been doing.

They were forced to make changes, and finally had to bring in Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD into the legal parliamentary politics. Now they want to keep repeating the same old politics. You know she survived the government-orchestrated mob assassination at Depayin in 2003.

4) why did one of the alleged criminals committed suicide in detention? was it possible?

5) why was no one brought to justice for the brutal mob slaughter of 10 Muslim pilgrims in Tauk-goke in a country the regime would happily jail those who fail to make an overnight visit to a friend's house or stay overnight at a place other than he or she is registered?

6) my wife is from Sittwe. The Rohingya and the Rakhine were not hating each other or fighting nastily with one another. So, who is whipping up this Rohingya-Rakhine conflict??

7) one of the business of Buddhist Sangha or monks is to help with the Buddhist lay public's spiritual quest and liberation.

the Monks should not concern themselves with matters that have nothing to do with them.

Marriage is about individual choices, and let anyone marry whoever they want. It's not your or monks' business.

8) this is no longer the era of "General Council of Buddhist Association (GCBA), a remotely political Buddhist cultural association that became a nucleus of the later nationalist movements). No longer the time for regulating footwear in pagodas and temples.

9). one of the problems of our country now is people are not minding their business (implying monks are NOT minding their business of spreading loving kindness, teaching the Buddhist public to regulate and curb their greed, anger and delusions).

10) as long as the existing dictatorship in Myanmar (under a new disguise) is allowed to exist the people will never be able to lead a free and democratic political life.

11) be reminded we are a country with the Myanmar Ayatolla Khomeina in the background.

12) let me tell you something. I was in charge of her security matters during her upcountry trip to PyinOoLwin or May Myo.

Here is what I found in one place (please show the slides):

"People's Force Office" or Swan-ar-Shin in Kyauk Hse area, senior dictator Than Shwe's birthplace

The pictures of People's Force office show the office is still in operation.

So, you think we have a country under any rule of law?

(Swan-Ar-Shin is the notorious Brown Shirt, organized as the violent thuggish wing of the Union Solidarity and Development Association (now the ruling party) with its ultimate patron Than Shwe).
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