Myanmar issues a landmark 13-points Patriotic Code in Defence of Faith and Race

Presidential Decree
Naypyidaw, Myanmar

Myanmar Patriotic Era 0001

Subject: Boycott All the Kalars of Myanmar

The following set of cultural codes of conduct was issued as a Presidential Decree.  All patriotic Myanmar are by decree required to observe them strictly.  

Your government is in the process of 'a cultural police force' whose mission it is to ensure the purity of race and faith in Myanmar. 

With -For-Buddhist-only-Metta.


Presidential Ayatollah Thein Sein 

cc: The learned Ven. Wisseitta Biwantha

Issued by the Ministry of Public Enlightenment

The 13 Codes of Conduct Myanmar Patriots must observe strictly.  

1). I will no longer call myself a "Buddhist", a follower of that dead Kalar, Gotama Buddha.

2). I will refrain from drinking our national tea (chai-tea or te ta rek) or eating Nan-bya (or flat bread) because they were the niggers' inventions on the Indian sub-continent.

3). I will no longer observe any Myanmar cultural codes because of its heavy 'nigger' influences, including wearing longyi or sarong.

4). I will not visit any temple or pagoda in Myanmar or anywhere else as Buddhist architecture originates in the land of Kalar - India sub-Continent.

5). I will not bow down to or show any form of respect to any Saffron Robed males as their robes were invented by the Kalars of Gotama Kalar's era 2,600 years ago.

6). I reject any symbol and emblems of Kalar Buddhist Emperor Asoka or A-thaw-ka, including 969.

7). I will no longer use more than half of our Bama vocabulary which is made up of Pali and Sanskrit, the languages of the 'niggers' of ancient India.

8). I will shun any educational organization that bears the nigger word 'Takkasila' or Tat-ka-tho or University (including the Military Takkasila or Sit Tat-ka-tho).

9). I oppose the Union of the Republic of Myanmar and any entity that operates under that official banner, owing to the fact that the Union's founding Panglong Treaty was brokered by a Kalar, Ambassador U Pe Khin.

10). I will not observe Martyr's Day or stop paying respect to the country's national martyrs because two of them, Principal and Minister Razak and his bodyguard Private Ko Htwe, were niggers.

11).  I will no longer participate in the Myanmar New Year Water Festival again because of its Indian origin. 

12).  I will no longer claim U Thant, the first Asian UN Secretary General, a accomplished of son of our Myanmar because of his mixed Bangali Kalar 'racial' origin.

13). I will no longer use Arabic numerical symbols because as a patriotic Myanmar, I feel visceral about the 'niggers' of the desert, the Arab.  


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