Why is Aung San Suu Kyi speaking out now?

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi is finally speaking truths to power.

Suu Kyi Slams Reforms, Says Govt Introduced ‘No Tangible Changes’
It is most certainly welcome!

Better late than never.

She will never be able to  ride the military on to power - there is no way this Neanderthal institution will let her.

I hope she soon reconnects with the grassroots in Burma.

The grassroots is her real power base, not Washington with its 'Asian pivot', Beijing with its neighborly resource imperialism, or Naypyidaw's sham and military-controlled parliament where Than Shwe's real man presidential hopeful Shwe Mann is waiting in his wing for 2015 elections.

Why is Aung San Suu Kyi speaking out now?

After all she has given away too much of her international policy leverage, and simply going with the West's pre-determined new policy flow while pinning her hope on a single liar, namely Thein Sein,.

Did she not realize that Thein Sein spent most of his military career aiding and abetting in the old fox dictator Than Shwe in his 'crimes against humanity', 'ethnic cleansing' and a serial massacres of dissidents and citizens alike?

My view is the Lady seriously miscalculated these snaky men, in silk skirts and green uniform whose primary mission is NOT nation-building, but retention of power and wealth at all costs to the society at large.

Further, Aung San Suu Kyi grossly over-estimated the power of her own individual goodness with them.  Her business partners in the military and the military-controlled Thein Sein government rose to power precisely for their lack of virtues and serious nation-building intellectual capacities.  

Burma has had a system of lies since 1962, and good and virtuous men, by definition, do not survive, let alone thrive and rise in this system.

In addition, politics doesn't work on good intentions alone, especially the Burmese military politics where the snakes reign over the past half-century.

These men who delude themselves into thinking only they can lead the country have only venom for those whom they consider a serious challenge to them.

As her senior colleague Win Tin lamented her resumed act of speaking only truths to power was long overdue, and it has taken her 3 years. 

One hopes that she purges all the sycophants around her,  that is, almost all of them, who have no intellect or courage to tell her when she was making strategic miscalculations left and right.

The sooner the Lady wakes up to the unpleasant reality - that the bastard regime in Naypyidaw will never ever change or undertake necessary fundamental reforms for people's or country's sake, and that her future does NOT lie with the generals or Washington or Beijing - the better.

Expect the regime to be making concessions to the ethnic armed resistance organizations as a way of placating the latter while it will need to be turning its attention to the mainstream Bama politics, if it realizes the Lady may be getting out of their Washington-fixed marriage of the Lady and the Beasts and returning to her grassroots.

Much as she may long for a peaceful transition in Burma it will likely take a bloody major societal eruption and a massive revolt in order to deal a decisive blow to the ir-reformable neo-Fascist regime in Naypyidaw.

Their hands are soaked in blood and they have slaughtered every segment of Burmese society since they came to power in 1962 - monks, students, Chinese, Indian, Rohingya, Muslims, Christian minorities, ethnic nationalities and even their own kind.

No Burmese should be under the illusion that these men in soldier uniform will give up their power, privilege, 'special place' in society and wealth - without a serious fight.


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