What is wrong with Norway's Myanmar Peace Support Initiatives (MPSI)", an official Oslo-commissioned critique by Dr. Maung Zarni

What has gone wrong with the Norwegian peace initiative in Myanmar and how should it be fixed?

By Maung Zarni

Executive summary

The fact that Oslo is increasingly being criticised as assisting Naypyidaw in the latter’s attempts to substitute economic development for a peaceful political settlement among Burma’s multi-ethnic stakeholders necessitates an honest appraisal of what has gone wrong with the Norwegian Myanmar Peace Support Initiative (MPSI). Such an appraisal should involve an empirical understanding of the Tatmadaw, its worldview and inner workings; an appreciation of the role of stakeholder perceptions in peace negotiations; and an honest appraisal of the key personalities involved in and associated with the MPSI. In light of this appraisal, the MPSI should be temporarily halted until adequate steps are taken to assess its status and make it more transparent, inclusive and strategic.


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