Inter-ethnic and MultiCulturalist Solidarity as the Only Game-Changer in Myanmar Politics

A real and absolutely necessary paradigm shift in Burmese politics, economy and society is conceivable - only in the following scenario:

The Bama Buddhist public in the plains, the armed resistance groups in the mountains and the valleys and the non-Bama multiethnic, multi-faith public, acting in solidarity with one another as fellow wretched of Burma under half-century of generals' rule.

In order for that unity to emerge we all need to share a common analysis, fully subscribe to the principles of ethnic and religious equality, and be committed to fundamental human rights, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, class and citizenship.

Most importantly, Burma's multi-ethnic public at large need to come to realize from deep within their bones that they have been forced to live within and under half century old system since its inception in 1962 where thieving, robbing, murdering, raping generals, cronies and the parasitical technocrats and presidential advisers thrive at the people's expense.

The only cleansing that is long overdue is the cleansing of Burma's politics, economy and society of these thieves, robbers, rapists and genocidists, and their technocratic enablers.

Kachin and other locals poured onto the streets of Myitkyina to welcome and show their solidarity with the leaders of the Kachin Independence Organization/Army who came from Laisa, the revolutionary headquarters of the Kachin resistance, for 3rd round of political negotiations with Naypyidaw's negotiators, 28 May 2013


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