Aung San Suu Kyi: No real progress or positive impact after 3 years of Myanmar reforms

You can listen to her Chairman's review of the reports from party state offices here (in Burmese for 20 minutes).

Meeting of the NLD Party Central Committee meeting, 27 May 2013

The gist of key points are as follows:

Over the past 3 years since the reforms were launched in 2010, there have been no noticeable changes, progress, and improvement in the lives of the public in Burma.

There are 3 most important areas where there is no real change.

1) there is no rule of law in the county; there is no improvement at all.

2) there is no peace among our non-Bama Taiyin Thar ethnic communities.

3) there is an absolute need to make real constitutional amendments. There is no progress on that front either.


Why isn't there peace in our country? 

Simply put, it is because there is no ethnic equality among ethnic peoples of our country.

So, no ethnic equality, no peace.

The Burmese tend to think of themselves as if they were not part of Taiyintha (or Bumiputra in Malay/Sanskrit). Then what are they/we?

The Constitution must enshrine, institutitionalize, and enforce this supreme principle of ethnic equality.  

The country's political system will have to be both democratic and federal.


One of the areas which is getting worse is the narcotics situation.

Not only is the authorities looking the other way but in many instances, the authorities are working together with the drug dealers.


The public perception about the benefits of the reforms is that they are not reaping any positive impacts of the current reforms.

The realities in their lives lend support to their perception.


The Constitution, the old system of Central Command and Control and the democratic principle of power devolution.

The Constitution itself is not allocating enough power to the (provinces/states/regions). Even in cases where there is enough Constitutionally allotted power to the locals, in practice the central command/control is still too strong.


There is no permanent enemy or permanent friend in politics.


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